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1850CDT..1784..227M 111 ~ Catalogue des nebuleuses et des amas d'etoiles. MESSIER C.
1910ApJ....32...26R 7 5 On some methods and results in direct photography with the 60-inch reflecting telescope of the Mount Wilson Solar Observatory. RITCHEY G.W.
1913ApJ....37..198F 11 1 The spectra of spiral nebulae and globular star clusters. Third paper. FATH E.A.
1917ApJ....46..206L 12 1 Photographic effective wavelengths of some spiral nebulae and globular clusters. LUNDMARK K. and LINDBLAD B.
1919ApJ....50..107S 106 8 Studies based on the colors and magnitudes in stellar clusters. XIV. Further remarks on the structure of the galactic system. SHAPLEY H. and SHAPLEY M.B.
1919ApJ....50..376L 43 0 Photographic effective wavelengths of nebulae and clusters. LUNDMARK K. and LINDBLAD B.
1921ApJ....54..347M 63 T                   1 1 ~ Investigation on proper motion. V. The internal motion in the spiral nebula
Messier 81.
1925ApJ....61..353S 63 23 Analysis of radial velocities of globular clusters and non-galactic nebulae. STROMBERG G.
1926ApJ....64..321H 407 942 Extragalactic nebulae. HUBBLE E.P.
1936ApJ....84..158H 1 9 87 The luminosity function of nebulae. I. The luminosity function of resolved nebulae as indicated by their brightest stars. HUBBLE E.
1954ApJ...119..215B 2 12 260 In the identification of radio sources. BAADE W. and MINKOWSKI R.
1957ApJ...126..471H 66 T                   1 3 6 Neutral hydrogen in M 32, M 51, and
M 81.
1957PASP...69..291M 43 176 A spectral classification of galaxies. MORGAN W.W. and MAYALL N.U.
1958PASP...70..143M 21 24 The problem of the identification of extragalactic radio sources. MINKOWSKI R.
1959PASP...71....5V 15 4 The evolution of galaxies. VAN DEN BERGH S.
1959PASP...71..101M 2 3 49 Analysis of composite radiation. III. The mass-luminosity ratio in stellar systems. MUNCH G.
1959PASP...71..534B 66 T                   1 5 8 The orientation and inclination of
M 81.
1964ApJ...140.1626Z 3 6 The luminosity function of galaxies. ZWICKY F.
1965Sci...148..363A 1 3 35 Faint ring around the spiral galaxy M 82. ARP H.
1967ApJ...150....1D 77 80 Radio observations of galaxies. DE JONG M.L.
1968ApJ...154...33P 80 T                   1 2 164 Physical conditions in the nuclei of M 51 and
M 81.
1969AJ.....74...50M 2 6 80 Cyanogen absorption in the nuclei of galaxies. McCLURE R.D.
1969AJ.....74..859R 99 306 Integral properties of spiral and irregular galaxies. ROBERTS M.S.
1969CRB...268.1397A 67 T                   1 1 2 Spectrophotometrie du noyau de la galaxie
NGC 3031, de 3400 a 8800 A.
1970A&A.....7..141G 20 16 A neutral hydrogen study of the spiral galaxy NGC 5457. GUELIN M. and WELIACHEW L.
1970A&A.....7..311P 1 7 59 On the chemical abundance of NGC 6822. PEIMBERT M. and SPINRAD H.
1970A&A.....9...45A 68 T                   1 1 10 Caracteristiques physiques du gaz emissif dans la noyau de
NGC 3031.
1970ApJ...160..831S 2 28 421 The intrinsic flattening of E, S0, and spiral galaxies as related to galaxy formation and evolution. SANDAGE A., FREEMAN K.C. and STOKES N.R.
1970QJRAS..11..199O 38 23 Abundances of the elements in gaseous nebulae. OSTERBROCK D.E.
1971ApJS...22..445S 83 T                   1 3 290 The stellar content of the nuclei of nearby galaxies. I. M 31, M 32, and
M 81.
1972A&A....18..121B 5 14 21-cm line study of the heavily obscured galaxy IC 10. BOTTINELLI L., GOUGUENHEIM L. and HEIDMANN J.
1972ApJS...24..421B 76 T                   1 1 55 A photoelectric study of
Messier 81.
1972MmRAS..75...85H 93 193 Inclination and absorption effects on the apparent diameters, optical luminosities and neutral hydrogen radiation of galaxies -I. Optical and 21 cm line data. HEIDMANN J., HEIDMANN N. and DE VAUCOULEURS G.
1972VA.....14..163D 1 63 453 Structure and dynamics of barred spiral galaxies, in particular of the Magellanic type. DE VAUCOULEURS G. and FREEMAN K.C.
1972IAUS...44...12R 4 5 139 The gaseous content of galaxies. ROBERTS M.S.
1973A&A....24..411S 2 4 53 Aperture synthesis study of neutral hydrogen in NGC 2403 and NGC 4236. II. Discussion. SHOSTAK G.S.
1973A&A....26..483R 9 3 165 Comparison of rotation curves of different galaxy types. ROBERT M.S. and ROTS A.H.
1973A&A....28..447B 1 6 69 H II regions near the nucleus of M 33. BENVENUTI P., D'ODORICO S. and PEIMBERT M.
1973A&A....29..231V 29 87 High-resolution radio continuum observations of bright spiral galaxies in an optically complete sample at 1415 MHz. VAN DER KRUIT P.C.
1973A&A....29..447A 28 54 The giant spiral galaxy M 101: I. A high resolution map of the neutral hydrogen. ALLEN R.J., GOSS W.M. and VAN WOERDEN H.
1973PZ.....19....3S 6 16 Bright variable stars in the Andromeda M 31 and Triangulum M 33 Nebulae. SHAROV A.S.
1974A&A....31..245R 71 T                   1 1 25 A high resolution map of the distribution of neutral hydrogen in the spiral galaxy
M 81.
1974A&A....35..463B 22 33 The peculiar galaxy NGC 3077. BARBIERI C., BERTOLA F. and DI TULLIO G.
1974ApJ...192..311G 71 T                   1 1 27 Kinematic phenomena in the nuclear region of
M 81.
1974ApJ...193..335S 2 6 104 Composition gradients across spiral galaxies. SHIELDS G.A.
1974VeARI..26....0B 364 ~ Bibliography on the structure of galaxies. BROSCHE P., EINASTO J. and RUMMEL U.
1974IAUS...58..119D 9 19 Neutral hydrogen at large distances from parent galaxies. DAVIES R.D.
1974IAUS...58..375O 8 47 Recent radio studies of bright galaxies. OORT J.H.
1975A&A....45...25R 73 T                   1 4 136 Distribution and kinematics of neutral hydrogen in the spiral galaxy
M 81. I. Observations.
1975A&A....45...43R 77 T                   1 3 169 Distribution and kinematics of neutral hydrogen in the spiral galaxy
M 81. II. Analysis.
1975A&A....45..259H 27 75 Rotation-curves of galaxies from 21 cm-line observations. HUCHTMEIER W.K.
1975AJ.....80..771S viz 165 118 5-GHz survey of bright galaxies. SRAMEK R.
1975ApJ...195...23G 71 T                   1 5 101 A high-resolution neutral-hydrogen study of the galaxy
M 81.
1975ApJ...199..591S 3 21 393 Spectrophotometric observations of ionized hydrogen regions in nearby spiral and irregular galaxies. SMITH H.E.
1975PASP...87..869K 1 1 6 The night sky brightness at McDonald Observatory. KALINOWSKI J.K., ROOSEN R.G. and BRANDT J.C.
1975IAUS...69..331R 25 38 The rotation curves of galaxies. ROBERTS M.S.
1976A&A....46..243D 70 T                   1 6 60 The radio sources in the nuclei of
NGC 3031 and NGC 4594.
1976A&AS...25..527V 6 13 Observations of velocity fields in three spiral galaxies using optical emission lines. VAN DER KRUIT P.C.
1976AJ.....81..574P 412 12 Radio two-color diagram for QSOs, spiral galaxies, and BL Lac objets. PACHT E.
1976ApJ...205...74A 1 5 49 On the number of planetary nebulae in our galaxy. ALLOIN D., CRUZ-GONZALEZ C. and PEIMBERT M.
1976ApJ...206..883V 169 439 A new classification system for galaxies. VAN DEN BERGH S.
1976ApJ...210L.121K 76 T                   1 1 44 Observations of a radio source in the nucleus of
M 81 with dimensions less than 1300 astronomical units.
1976ApJS...32...89G 72 T                   1 2 41 Kinematics of the gas in the nuclear disk of
M 81.
1976Ap&SS..41..357S 21 19 30 Dor as the active centre of the Large Magellanic Cloud. SCHMIDT-KALER T. and FEITZINGER J.V.
1976S&T....51..363H 43 0 Deep-sky wonders. HOUSTON W.S.
1977A&A....54..297P 43 52 High resolution observations of weak radio nuclei in galaxies and quasars. PREUSS E., PAULINY-TOTH I.I.K., WITZEL A., et al.
1977A&A....54..661T 9 47 2260 A new method of determining distance to galaxies. TULLY R.B. and FISHER J.R.
1977A&A....55..203S 70 T                   1 2 23 Aperture synthesis observations of
M 81 at 1415 and 610 MHz.
1977A&A....56..173M 5 2 56 Circular rotation from a simple two-component model of galaxies. MONNET G. and SIMIEN F.
1977A&A....61..523G 1 9 66 An interferometer study of the neutral hydrogen associated with the optical core of the irregular galaxy NGC 6822. GOTTESMAN S.T. and WELIACHEW L.
1977A&AS...28..211D 53 163 A Westerbork 1415 MHz survey of background radio sources. II. Optical identifications with deep IIIA-J plates. DE RUITER H.R. and WILLIS A.G.
1977ApJ...211...47G 5 3 85 A high angular resolution study of the neutral hydrogen in the Irr II galaxy M 82. GOTTESMAN S.T. and WELIACHEW L.
1977ApJ...211..707S 4 4 84 M 82 sans explosion - A galaxy drifts through dust. SOLINGER A., MORRISON P. and MARKERT T.
1977MNRAS.178..577C 79 T                   1 2 115 21-cm observations of the interacting galaxies
M 81 and M 82.
1978AJ.....83.1585K 3 4 79 The global properties of the Galaxy. I. The HI distribution outside the solar circle. KNAPP G.R., TREMAINE S.D. and GUNN J.E.
1978ApJ...220L..37R 54 129 10 mocron observations of bright galaxies. RIEKE G.H. and LEBOFSKY M.J.
1978ApJ...223..129G 21 3 315 Stochastic star formation and spiral structure of galaxies. GEROLA H. and SEIDEN P.E.
1978ApJ...224..710D 1 25 186 The extragalactic distance scale. IV. Distances of nearest groups and field galaxies from secondary indicators. DE VAUCOULEURS G.
1978ApJ...225..784C 4 2 40 Aperture-synthesis observations of H I in the galaxy M 82. CRUTCHER R.M., ROGSTAD D.H. and CHU K.
1978ApJ...226..777W 1 12 79 Spectral scans of the nuclear bulge of the galaxy: comparison with other galaxies. WHITFORD A.E.
1978PASP...90..337P 122 60 Absorption in the spectra of Quasi-Stellar Objects and BL Lacertae objects. PERRY J.J., BURBIDGE E.M. and BURBIDGE G.R.
1978LicOB.810....1W 11 0 Spectral scans of the nuclear bulge of the galaxy : comparison with other galaxies. WHITFORD A.E.
1978IAUS...77...23S 12 11 Rotation curves in the outer parts of galaxies from H I observations. SALPETER E.E.
1978IAUS...77...28B 2 1 The kinematics of a sample of about twenty spiral galaxies. BOSMA A.
1978IAUS...77..269V 68 T                   1 5 12 Interacting galaxies: the kinematics of NGC 4038/39 and the HI bridge between
M 81 and NGC 3077.
1978IAUS...77..274D 6 4 Distributed HI in small groups of galaxies. DAVIES R.D.
1979A&A....75...97V 69 T                   1 15 99 The structure and kinematics of the neutral hydrogen bridge between
M 81 and NGC 3077.
1979A&A....77...25B 1 9 52 Radio continuum of NGC 891 and NGC 253 at 8.7 GHz. BECK R., BIERMANN P., EMERSON D.T., et al.
1979A&A....77...86A 63 11 A Westerbork 1415 MHz survey of radio sources. ARP H.C., DE RUITER H.R. and WILLIS A.G.
1979A&A....78..200A 1 44 422 Nitrogen and oxygen abundances in galaxies. ALLOIN D., COLLIN-SOUFFRIN S., JOLY M., et al.
1979ApJ...227..756L 32 118 A search for intergalactic neutral hydrogen in three nearby groups of galaxies. LO K.Y. and SARGENT W.L.W.
1979ApJ...231..680T 4 3 62 An H I sruvey of Nilson dwarf galaxies. II. Statistical properties. THUAN T.X. and SEITZER P.O.
1979ApJ...234...86S 1 8 45 Gas-rich dwarfs and accretion phenomena in early-type galaxies. SILK J. and NORMAN C.
1979MNRAS.186..479L 4 5 117 Stellar kinematics and interstellar turbulence. LARSON R.B.
1980A&A....87..152H 2 105 1081 An optical and radio survey of the nuclei of bright galaxies. Activity in normal galactic nuclei. HECKMAN T.M.
1980A&A....87..175R 71 T                   1 1 17 A two component mass model in
M 81 (NGC 3031)
1980A&A....88..149V 76 T                   1 3 124 The dynamics of the spiral galaxy
M 81. I. Axisymmetric models and the stellar density wave.
1980A&A....88..159V 90 T                   1 1 113 The dynamics of the spiral galaxy
M 81. II. Gas dynamics and neutral-hydrogen observations.
1980A&AS...41..189R 89 89 A neutral hydrogen mapping survey of large galaxies. I. Observations. ROTS A.H.
1980ApJ...237..290W 79 T                   1 2 115 The ultraviolet continua of the nuclei of M 31 and
M 81.
WU C.-C., FABER S.M., GALLAGHER J.S., et al.
1980ApJ...237..655A 3 10 182 A distance scale from the infrared magnitude/HI velocity-width relation. I. The calibration. AARONSON M., MOULD J. and HUCHRA J.
1980ApJ...239..463A 10 19 Analysis of quasars found in the CTIO Curtis Schmidt survey in the -40 zone. ARP H.
1980ApJS...43..393C 15 18 1395 Colors and magnitudes predicted for high redshift galaxies. COLEMAN G.D., WU C.C. and WEEDMAN D.W.
1980PASP...92..122V 3 4 74 The posteruptive galaxy NGC 5253. VAN DEN BERGH S.
1980ATsir1089....1E 68 T                   1 3 1 Galactic models with massive corona:
M 81.
1980Ap&SS..67...31E 1 2 16 Central holes in disks of spiral galaxies. EINASTO J., TENJES P., BARABANOV A.V., et al.
1980PASJ...32..389W 14 20 Bursts of star formation in the central region of the hot-spot nucleus galaxy NGC 4314. WAKAMATSU K.-I.
1980IUE80......711G 4 ~ New insight into the physical state of galaxies and quasars. GREEN R.F.
1981A&A....94...29K 1 16 110 A survey of the distributions of 2.8 cm radio continuum in nearby galaxies. KLEIN U. and EMERSON D.T.
1981AJ.....86.1825B 3 32 614 21-cm line studies of spiral galaxies. II. The distribution and kinematics of neutral hydrogen in spiral galaxies of various morphological types. BOSMA A.
1981ApJ...243L..65B 2 7 UV observation of the nucleus of NGC 3077. BENACCHIO L. and GALLETTA G.
1981ApJ...244...12S 2 13 155 Emission-line-continuum correlations in active galactic nuclei. SHUDER J.M.
1981ApJ...245..845P 90 T                   1 1 114 Physical conditions in the nucleus of
M 81.
1981ApJ...247....9K 23 27 H II regions as extragalactic distance indicators. IV. The Virgo cluster. KENNICUTT R.C.Jr
1981ApJ...247..488B 73 T                   1 1 28 Density-wave induced star formation : a model for
M 81.
1981ApJ...250...31A 40 68 Quasars near companion galaxies. ARP H.
1981ApJ...250...43W 61 70 Velocity dispersions in the bulges of spiral and S0 galaxies. II. Further observations and a simple three-component model for spiral galaxies. WHITMORE B.C. and KIRSHNER R.P.
1981ApJ...250...55S 1 52 300 Empirical results from a study of active galactic nuclei. SHUDER J.M. and OSTERBROCK D.E.
1981ApJS...47..229E 56 95 A near-infrared atlas of spiral galaxies. ELMEGREEN D.M.
1981MNRAS.195..327A 3 8 130 The neutral hydrogen content of the M 81/M 82 group of galaxies -I. The observations. APPLETON P.N., DAVIES R.D. and STEPHENSON R.J.
1981PASP...93....5B 17 47 4209 Classification parameters for the emission-line spectra of extragalactic objects. BALDWIN J.A., PHILLIPS M. and TERLEVICH R.
1982A&A...106..214P 69 T                   1 3 12 Spectroscopic observations of spheoridal system: the bulges of
M 81, NGC 4736, and the dwarf elliptical M 32.
1982A&A...107..148L 17 84 On the transport and propagation of relativistic electrons in galaxies. The effect of adiabatic deceleration in a galactic wind for the steady state case. LERCHE I. and SCHLICKEISER R.
1982A&A...116..237K 48 16 Neutral hydrogen in two extremely isolated galaxies. KRUMM N. and SHANE W.W.
1982AJ.....87.1341H 226 21 Optical surveys of H II regions in galaxies. HODGE P.W.
1982ApJ...252..102C viz 2 37 531 Strong radio sources in bright spiral galaxies. II. Rapid star formation and galaxy-galaxy interactions. CONDON J.J., CONDON M.A., GISLER G., et al.
1982ApJ...256...54A 35 35 Characteristics of companion galaxies. ARP H.
1982ApJ...256..460K 8 9 379 Rotation of the bulge components of disk galaxies. KORMENDY J. and ILLINGWORTH G.
1982ApJ...256..481I 3 4 78 Velocity and velocity dispersion profiles in NGC 3115. ILLINGWORTH G. and SCHECHTER P.L.
1982ApJ...257L..51E 70 T                   1 7 60 The nuclear X-ray source in
M 81.
1982ApJ...258..439S 15 45 Distance and absolute magnitudes of the brightest stars in the dwarf galaxy Sextans A. SANDAGE A. and CARLSON G.
1982ApJ...262..556B 70 T                   1 10 59 The nucleus of
M 81: simultaneous 2.3 and 8.3 GHz Mark III VLBI observations.
1982ApJS...50..241A viz 300 257 A catalog of infrared magnitudes and HI velocity widths for nearby galaxies. AARONSON M., HUCHRA J., MOULD J.R., et al.
1982MNRAS.199..281C 1 3 21 Observations of the Magellanic Stream between declinations -20 and 0 degres. COHEN R.J.
1982MNRAS.201.1021E 323 200 Flocculent and grand design spiral structure in field, binary and group galaxies. ELMEGREEN D.M. and ELMEGREEN B.G.
1982ATsir1221....1K 17 0 Correlation of radioluminosity of spiral arms with existence of global patterns in galaxies. KORCHAGIN V.I.
1982AN....303..189B 69 T                   1 12 20 New dwarf galaxies in
M 81/ M 82 group.
1982AN....303..287B 69 T                   1 48 24 Dwarf galaxies in the
M 81/82 group. New photometric data.
1982IUE82.......46O 42 ~ The impact of IUE observations on our knowledge. About galaxies and quasars. OKE J.B.
1982IUE3r.......59C 34 ~ Stellar populations in normal galaxies. CAPACCIOLI M.
1982IUE3r......497H 13 ~ Exotic stellar objects : research directions for the proposed satellite Magellan. HACK M.
1982IUE3r......519C 24 ~ Optical and ultraviolet spectrophotometry of globular clusters in the Magellanic Clouds. CACCIARI C., FUSI PECCI F., ZAVARONI C., et al.
1983A&A...118....4B 1 28 227 H I line studies of galaxies. II. The 21-cm-width as an extragalactic distance indicator. BOTTINELLI L., GOUGUENHEIM L., PATUREL G., et al.
1983A&A...121...26A 81 6 Pairs of spiral galaxies with magnitude differences greater than one. ARP H., GIRAUD E., SULENTIC J.W., et al.
1983A&A...127...15C 64 57 Composite models for the narrow emission line region of active galactic nuclei. I. The infalling filament. CONTINI M. and ALDROVANDI S.M.V.
1983AJ.....88...55G 5 10 Optical studies of HI-rich southern galaxies. II. The low- visibility spiral NGC 1079. GALLAGHER J.S. and BUSHOUSE H.
1983AJ.....88..296H 128 186 An Atlas of H II regions in 125 galaxies. HODGE P.W. and KENNICUTT R.C.Jr
1983ApJ...264..105F 5 19 500 Are there any shock-heated galaxies ? FERLAND G.J. and NETZER H.
1983ApJ...265..632K 48 80 Relation for the bulge components of disk galaxies. KORMENDY J. and ILLINGWORTH G.
1983ApJ...265..722S 5 4 103 A bisymmetric spiral magnetic field and the spiral arms in our galaxy. SOFUE Y. and FUJIMOTO M.
1983ApJ...267..563H 34 75 The radial distribution of H II regions in spiral galaxies. HODGE P.W. and KENNICUTT R.C.
1983ApJ...268..451D 41 47 The galaxy as fundamental calibrator of the extragalactic distance scale. I. The basic scale factors of the galaxy and two kinematic test of the long and short distance scales. DE VAUCOULEURS G.
1983ApJ...268..632K 35 64 The distribution of ionized gas in the nuclei of spiral galaxies. KEEL W.C.
1983ApJ...269L..37H 4 15 322 Low ionization active galactic nuclei: X-ray or shock heated ? HALPERN J.P. and STEINER J.E.
1983ApJ...271..479A 21 38 Further observations and analysis of quasars near companion galaxies. ARP H.
1983ApJS...52...23B 749 4 A catalog of hierarchical subclustering in the Turner-Gott groups. BHAVSAR S.P. and PIGGOTT R.G.
1983ApJS...52...89H viz 2405 825 A survey of galaxy redshifts. IV. The data. HUCHRA J., DAVIS M., LATHAM D., et al.
1983ApJS...52..425S 59 28 New central velocity dispersions for the bulges of 53 spiral and S0 Galaxies. SCHECHTER P.L.
1983MNRAS.204..675Z 24 10 On the apparent association of quasars and Arp's companion galaxies. ZUIDERWIJK E.J. and DE RUITER H.R.
1983MNRAS.204..783P 21 41 VLBI observations of NGC 4151, MK 231 and other galaxies with broad emission line nuclei. PREUSS E. and FOSBURY R.A.E.
1983AZh....60..656Z 103 13 Rotation curves of normal galaxies. ZASOV A.V. and KYAZUMOV G.A.
1983ApL....23...85V 2 3 44 Intergalactic and galactic magnetic fields - An up-dated test. VALLEE J.P.
1983MmSAI..54..883R 2 1 Past star formation in irregular and spiral galaxies. ROCCA-VOLMERANGE B.
1983MitAG..58..121B 5 0 Woher Stammen die interstellaren Magnetfelder ? BECK R.
1983MitAG..60..208B 5 0 Magnetfelder in Spiralgalaxien. BECK R.
1983IAUS..103..443F 18 19 Planetary nebulae in local goup galaxies. FORD H.C.
1984A&A...131..367S 111 11 Objektiv bestimmte Anstellwinkel von Spiralgalaxien im Lichte konkurrierender Theorien zur Spiralstruktur. SCHLOSSER W. and MUSCULUS D.
1984A&A...132..253R 132 89 Is there a unique relation between absolute (blue) luminosity and total 21 cm linewidth of disk galaxies ? RICHTER O.G. and HUCHTMEIER W.K.
1984A&A...135..341S 3 5 87 Confrontation of a sample of Seyfert 2 galaxies with photoionized models. STASINSKA G.
1984A&A...137..298M 24 7 Past star formation rates in spiral galaxies. MOCHKOVITCH R. and ROCCA-VOLMERANGE B.
1984A&A...137..335W 2 11 113 Radio observations of HI and OH in the center of the galaxy M 82. WELIACHEW L., FOMALONT E.B. and GREISEN E.W.
1984A&A...140..325D 39 49 Ultraviolet luminosities and colors of spiral and irregular galaxies. The present-day star formation rate. DONAS J. and DEHARVENG J.M.
1984A&AS...56..381B 797 165 HI line studies of galaxies. III. Distance moduli of 822 disk galaxies. BOTTINELLI L., GOUGUENHEIM L., PATUREL G., et al.
1984AJ.....89..621S 69 T                   1 19 86 The brightest stars in nearby galaxies. III. The color-magnitude diagram for the brightest red and blue stars in
M 81 and Holmberg IX.
1984AJ.....89..630S 75 55 The brightest stars in nearby galaxies. IV. The color-magnitude diagram for the brightest red and blue stars in NGC 2403. SANDAGE A.
1984AJ.....89..966D 104 244 Companions of Seyfert galaxies: a statistical survey. DAHARI O.
1984AJ.....89.1520R 40 108 Far-infrared observations of galactic nuclei. RICKARD L.J. and HARVEY P.M.
1984AJ.....89.1702S 75 T                   1 1 31 Metallicity estimates for HII regions in
M 81.
1984ApJ...277..542H 182 25 Images in the rocket ultraviolet : photometry of M 101. HILL J.K., BOHLIN R.C. and STECHER T.P.
1984ApJ...278..630R 4 12 268 Evolution of pulsar-driven supernova remnants. REYNOLDS S.P. and CHEVALIER R.A.
1984ApJ...281..566M 7 5 Search for 511 keV electron-positron annihilation radiation from mildly active galaxies using the HEAO 3 gamma-ray spectrometer. MARSCHER A.P., BRECHER K., WHEATON W.A., et al.
1984ApJ...282...75K 34 79 Optical properties of spiral galaxies with strong nuclear radio sources: active nuclei, starbursts, and composite objects. KEEL W.C.
1984ApJ...282...85W 6 5 169 The families of elliptical-like galaxies. WIRTH A. and GALLAGHER III J.S.
1984ApJ...282..382P 17 23 Direct determination of extragalactic distances from the 21 centimeter line width and the method of "sosies". PATUREL G.
1984ApJ...284...65F 14 49 X-ray observations of spiral galaxies. I. Integrated properties. FABBIANO G., TRINCHIERI G. and MacDONALD A.
1984ApJ...285...43L 13 ~ Face-on galaxies. LEWIS B.M.
1984ApJ...285..453L 16 66 Face-on galaxies. LEWIS B.M.
1984ApJ...286...62B 5 17 Gravitational spurs and resonances : effects of small mass disturbers in spiral galaxy disks. BYRD G.G., SMITH B.F. and MILLER R.H.
1984ApJ...286..159H 11 18 Photometry of resolved galaxies. IV. Holmberg I and Holmberg II. HOESSEL J.G. and DANIELSON G.E.
1984ApJ...286..442S 1 3 22 Redshift differentials in a complete sample of galaxy groups. SULENTIC J.W.
1984ApJ...287....1D 605 74 The dependence on distance and redshift of the velocity vectors of the sun, the galaxy, and the Local Group with respect to different extragalactic frames of reference. DE VAUCOULEURS G. and PETERS W.L.
1984ApJ...287...66W 10 31 Stellar and gas kinematics in disk galaxies. WHITMORE B., RUBIN V.C. and FORD W.K.
1984ApJ...287..116K 2 30 431 Structural properties of giant H II regions in nearby galaxies. KENNICUTT R.C.
1984ApJS...54..127E 1 32 222 Blue and near-infrared surface photometry of spiral structure in 34 nonbarred grand design and flocculent galaxies. ELMEGREEN D.M. and ELMEGREEN B.G.
1984ARA&A..22..291R 11 30 Astronomical Fourier transform spectroscopy revisited. RIDGWAY S.T. and BRAULT J.W.
1984ARA&A..22..445H 1 50 267 The influence of environment on the HI content of galaxies. HAYNES M.P., GIOVANELLI R. and CHINCARINI G.L.
1984Afz....21..641K 10 3 Spectral observations of low surface brightness galaxies in the M 81 group region. KARACHENTSEV I.D. and KARACHENTSEVA V.E.
1984AZh....61..846K 111 7 Rotation curves of normal galaxies. The catalogue. KYAZUMOV G.A.
1984AN....305...53B 16 15 An unusual group of low surface brightness galaxies in the region 1046+65. BORNGEN F., KARACHENTSEVA V.E. and KARACHENTSEV I.D.
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