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1957AJ.....62....2A 4 4 The composition of tau Scorpii. ALLER L.H., ELSTE G. and JUGAKU J.
1988A&A...206L..15L 3 4 The new millisecond pulsar PSR 1957+20 and neutron star equations of state. LIPUNOV V.M. and POSTNOV K.A.
1988ApJ...331L..25M 3 2 25 Interpretation of the period derivative of Cygnus X-3. MOLNAR L.A.
1988ApJ...333L..91W 2 2 22 Physical implications of the eclipsing binary pulsar. WASSERMAN I. and CORDES J.M.
1988ApJ...335L..61D 78 T                   1 1 34 Photometry and the light curve of the optical counterpart of the eclipsing millisecond pulsar
1988ApJ...335L..67E 5 1 21 On black widow evolutionary scenarios for binary neutron stars. EICHLER D. and LEVINSON A.
1988MNRAS.235p..33C 2 ~ The orbital evolution of the eclipsing pulsar PSR 1957+20. CZERNY M. and KING A.R.
1988ATsir1531....1T 2 1 The formation of the millisecond radiopulsars. TUTUKOV A.V. and FEDOROVA A.V.
1988LAstr.102..424B 7 0 Les pulsars "milliseconde". BIRAUD F.
1988BAAS...20..981F 1 0 The tale of the eclipsing pulsar. FRUCHTER A.S.
1988BAAS...20.1048E 70 T                   1 1 1 Properties of the eclipsing binary, millisecond pulsar
1988BAAS...20.1050H 3 0 Pulsar wind nebulae. HESTER J.J. and KULKARNI S.R.
1988BAAS...20.1106T 1 0 Evolution of very low-mass X-ray binaries driven by evaporative winds. TAVANI M.
1988IAUC.4617....0F 1 ~ PSR 1957+20. FRUCHTER A.S., GUNN J.E., DJORGOVSKI S.G., et al.
1988IAUC.4674....0M 1 ~ PSR 1957+20. MAKINO F. (The GINGA Team)
1988Natur.333..205G 9 3 An eclipsing binary pulsar. GRAHAM-SMITH F.
1988Natur.333..237F 86 1 346 A millisecond pulsar in a eclipsing binary. FRUCHTER A.S., STINEBRING D.R. and TAYLOR J.H.
1988Natur.333..832P 98 T                   1 1 113 Ablating dwarf model for eclipsing millisecond pulsar
1988Natur.334..225K 7 4 122 Nature, and evolution of the eclipsing millisecond binary pulsar PSR 1957+20. KLUZNIAK W., RUDERMAN M., SHAHAM J., et al.
1988Natur.334..298B 1 1 Missing link of pulsar evolution. BAILYN C.
1988Natur.334..504K 77 T                   1 1 28 Probable optical counterpart of the eclipsing millisecond pulsar system,
1988Natur.334..684V 11 1 44 Optical observations of the ecipsing binary radio pulsar PSR 1957+20. VAN PARADIJS J., ALLINGTON-SMITH J., CALLANAN P., et al.
1988Natur.334..686F 14 1 57 Optical detection and characterization of the eclipsing pulsar's companion. FRUCHTER A.S., GUNN J.E., LAUER T.R., et al.
1988Natur.335..764R 1 0 Shock wave reveals pulsar wind. RAYMOND J.C.
1988Natur.335..801K 4 6 106 Discovery of a nebula around PSR 1957+20. KULKARNI S.R. and HESTER J.J.
1988Natur.336..557E 2 2 Stellar archeology and black widow pulsars. EICHLER D.
1988Natur.336..560F 2 2 21 Constraints on the equation of state for neutron stars implied by PSR 1957+20. FRIEDMAN J.L., IMAMURA J.N., DURISEN R.H., et al.
1988NewSc.118...71G 14 0 Death and resurrection among the stars. GRAHAM-SMITH F.
1988Rech...19..978B 6 0 Ou naissent les pulsars ? BONNET-BIDAUD J.-M.
1989A&A...214....1S 1 1 5 Possible gravitational amplification in the binary pulsar 1957+20. SCHNEIDER J.
1989A&A...218..131C 8 30 The birthrates of galactic low mass binary radio pulsars and their progenitor systems. COTE J. and PYLYSER E.H.P.
1989AJ.....98..641B 9 0 Mass distribution of secondaries in binary pulsars. BLANCO V.M.
1989ApJ...339..279C 1 3 19 Pulse sharpness and asymmetry in millisecond pulsars. CHEN K. and SHAHAM J.
1989ApJ...339..291C 1 2 15 Eclipsing millisecond pulsar: excitation of the companion wind. CHENG A.F.
1989ApJ...342..934R 4 2 38 What is causing the eclipse in the millisecond binary pulsar ? RASIO F.A., SHAPIRO S.L. and TEUKOLSKY S.A.
1989ApJ...345..210R 17 41 Evolution of wide binary millisecond pulsars in globular clusters. RAPPAPORT S., PUTNEY A. and VERBUNT F.
1989ApJ...346..844W 2 2 23 The dynamical influence of radiation in type 1 X-ray bursts. WALKER M.A. and MESZAROS P.
1989MNRAS.238p..25C 4 ~ A search for the optical counterpart of the binary millisecond pulsar PSR 1855+09. CALLANAN P.J., CHARLES P.A., HASSALL B.J.M., et al.
1989MNRAS.240p..31C 70 T                   1 1 ~ The optical light curve of
PSR 1957+20.
1989Ast....17d..10. 70 T                   1 2 0 '
Black Widow' pulsar shocks neighborhood.
1989BAAS...21.1108R 4 ~ Astrometry of millisecond pulsars. RYBA M.F., TAYLOR J.H. and STINEBRING D.R.
1989BAAS...21.1205T 4 0 Polarization and morphology of millisecond pulsars. THORSETT S.E. and STINEBRING D.R.
1989Gemin..26....1C 70 T                   1 1 0 The light curve of
PSR 1957+20.
1989IBVS.3323....1K viz 333 59 The 69th name-list of variable stars. KHOLOPOV P.N., SAMUS N.N., KAZAROVETS E.V., et al.
1989JBAA...99...49M 1 0 Murder in the galaxy. MILTON S.
1989Natur.337..236M 73 T                   1 1 15 Is
PSR 1957+20 eclipsed by a comet, magnetosphere or particulate cloud ?
1989Natur.337..595L 2 3 Supernova springs new surprise. LINDLEY D.
1989Natur.338..234K 5 5 103 Submillisecond optical pulsar in supernova 1987A. KRISTIAN J., PENNYPACKER C.R., MIDDLEDITCH J., et al.
1989Natur.338..712B 4 1 Pulsar formation. BRECHER K.
1989Natur.342..128L 2 4 New pulsar confounds models. LYNE A.
1989S&W....28...73G 1 0 Bedeckung eines Millisekundenpulsars beobachtet. GRASER U.
1989S&W....28..423C 18 0 Millisekundenpulsare. CAMENZIND M.
1990A&A...227L...9P 5 2 46 A merger model for SN 1987A. PODSIADLOWSKI P., JOSS P.C. and RAPPAPORT S.
1990A&A...232L...5A 71 T                   1 1 4 Search for TeV gamma ray emission from
PSR 1957+20.
1990A&A...232...62S 1 2 10 Gravitational beam deviation effects in the timing formula of binary pulsars. SCHNEIDER J.
1990ApJ...351..642F 133 T K                 1 1 112 The eclipsing millisecond pulsar
PSR 1957+20.
1990ApJ...357..208K 107 T K                 1 1 10 Electron-positron heating and the eclipsing millisecond pulsar
PSR 1957+20.
1990ApJ...358..561H 1 9 50 Acceleration by pulsar winds in binary systems. HARDING A.K. and GAISSER T.K.
1990ApJ...361L..61N 3 3 42 Observations of the eclipsing binary pulsar in Terzan 5. NICE D.J., THORSETT S.E., TAYLOR J.H., et al.
1990ApJ...361..644T 3 4 48 Polarimetry of millisecond pulsars. THORSETT S.E. and STINEBRING D.R.
1990ApJ...363..589E 4 1 17 A refractive model for eclipsing binary radio pulsars. EMMERING R.T. and LONDON R.A.
1990ApJ...364L..37B 107 T K                 1 1 8 MeV to TeV gamma-ray observations of
PSR 1957+20.
1990ApJ...364..123F 1 7 40 Interstellar propagation effects and the precision of pulsar timing. FOSTER R.S. and CORDES J.M.
1990MNRAS.242p..17E 70 T                   2 ~ Infrared observations of the eclipsing millisecond pulsar
1990MNRAS.245..514B 2 13 108 Meridional compression of radio pulsar beams. BIGGS J.D.
1990MNRAS.247..523P 7 0 The effects of dispersion on the apparent orbital parameters of close binary millisecond pulsars and PSR 0021-72A. PODSIADLOWSKI P., NAYLOR T. and FABIAN A.C.
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1990Afz....32..193B 16 0 Pis'mo v redakciju. BISNOVAT'IJ G.C.
1990Ast....18i..44K 6 0 Hubble's brave new universe. KANIPE J.
1990Ap&SS.168..277T 3 11 Black holes incosmic bodies. TROFIMENKO A.P.
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1990BAAS...22.1342R 2 0 Timing millisecond pulsars. RYBA M.F.
1990JAF....38...18M 17 0 Quelques nouvelles du telescope SIGMA. MANDROU P.
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1990RMxAA..21..633B 11 0 Hard X-ray arcmin imaging with the EXITE telescope. BRAGA J., COVAULT C.E., MANANDHAR R., et al.
1990S&T....80..240G 6 0 Pulsars today. GRAHAM-SMITH F.
1991A&A...241L..21G 70 T                   1 2 2 Episodic emission of UHE radiation from the eclipsing binary pulsar
PSR 1957+20 : Ooty observations.
1991A&A...241L..25R 2 2 16 Eclipse mechanisms for binary pulsars. RASIO F.A., SHAPIRO S.L. and TEUKOLSKY S.A.
1991A&A...246..411W 4 ~ A new equation of state for dense matter and fast rotating pulsars. WU X., MUTHER H., SOFFEL M., et al.
1991ApJ...366..253P 2 4 32 The orbital ephemeris and eclipse transitions of the low-mass X-ray binary EXO 0748-676. PARMAR A.N., SMALE A.P., VERBUNT F., et al.
1991ApJ...367..221K 1 5 31 Optical and radio observations of the binary pulsar 1855+09: evolution of pulsar magnetic fields and low-mass white dwarf cooling. KULKARNI S.R., DJORGOVSKI S. and KLEMOLA A.R.
1991ApJ...368..504J 1 15 71 On the defectability of pulsars in close binary systems. JOHNSTON H.M. and KULKARNI S.R.
1991ApJ...370L..27E 37   K                 2 19 Mechanism for pulsar eclipse. EICHLER D.
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1991ApJ...373..579W 3 4 51 Structure and stability of rotating relativistic neutron stars. WEBER F., GLENDENNING N.K. and WEIGEL M.K.
1991ApJ...377..588S 1 3 22 On the nature and evolution of the windy binary pulsar PSR 1744-24A. SHAHAM J. and TAVANI M.
1991ApJ...379L..21B 1 9 62 Discovery with the sigma telescope of hard X-rays from the globular cluster Terzan 2. BARRET D., MEREGHETTI S., ROQUES J.P., et al.
1991ApJ...379L..69T 2 5 47 "Hidden" millisecond pulsars. TAVANI M.
1991ApJ...379..359L 1 3 22 Can neutron stars ablate their companions? LEVINSON A. and EICHLER D.
1991ApJ...380..557R 122 T K                 1 1 67 High-precision timing of millisecond pulsars. II. Astrometry, orbital evolution and eclipses of
PSR 1957+20.
1991ApJ...381L..21T 72 T                   1 2 21 Outflow hydrodynamics in the eclipsing millisecond pulsar binaries
PSR 1957+20 and PSR 1744-24A.
1991ApJ...383L..53A 44 34 A search of the northern sky for ultra-high-energy point sources. ALEXANDREAS D.E., BERLEY D., BILLER S., et al.
1991ApJ...383..739H 1 8 55 Evolution of compact binary systems with X-ray heating. HARPAZ A. and RAPPAPORT S.
1991MNRAS.252..277J 2 5 48 New limits on the population of millisecond pulsars in the galactic plane. JOHNSTON S. and BAILES M.
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1991Mercu..20...55B 4 0 Problems with pulsars. BAILYN C.
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1992A&A...265...65E 3 7 Orbital evolution of binaries with ultra-rapid pulsars. ERGMA E. and FEDOROVA A.V.
1992ApJ...384L..47F 115 T K                 1 38 The continuum eclipse of
PSR 1957+20.
1992ApJ...385L..45F 7 26 Low-mass X-ray binary evolution and the origin of millisecond pulsars. FRANK J., KING A.R. and LASOTA J.-P.
1992ApJ...388L..19B 108 T K                 2 22 Orbital angular momentum loss in
PSR 1957+20.
1992ApJ...390..541W 7 2 62 Application of the improved Hartle method for the construction of general relativistic rotating neutron star models. WEBER F. and GLENDENNING N.K.
1992ApJ...397..249N 2 4 35 Pulsar PSR 1744-24A : timing, eclipses and the evolution of neutron star binaries. NICE D.J. and THORSETT S.E.
1992ApJ...400..638A 109 T K                 2 29 Spectroscopy of the companion and bow-shock nebula of
PSR 1957+20.
1992ApJ...401..724M 1 2 10 Search for periodic gamma-ray emission from Cygnus X-3 by the Egret telescope on the Compton Gamma-Ray Observatory. MICHELSON P.F., BERTSCH D.L., CHIANG J., et al.
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1992MNRAS.254p..19S 2 ~ Neutron stars and planet-mass companions. STEVENS I.R., REES M.J. and PODSIADLOWSKI P.
1992PASP..104..775C 8 2 Optical observations of low-mass X-ray binaries and millisecond pulsars. CALLANAN P.J.
1992BAAS...24..755G 1 ~ GRO/OSSE observations of millisecond pulsars. GROVE J.E., JOHNSON W.N., KURFESS J.D., et al.
1992BAAS...24.1216P 4 ~ The ROSAT view of the cosmos. PETRE R.
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1992C&E...265...52L 3 0 Pulsars les etoiles cannibales. LESUEUR D.
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1992Natur.359..300K 83 T                   1 48 X-ray detection of the eclipsing millisecond pulsar PSR 1957+20. KULKARNI S.R., PHINNEY E.S., EVANS C.R., et al.
1992Natur.359..303F 75 T                   2 33 X-rays from the eclipsing pulsar
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1993A&AS...97..313T 2 5 Gamma rays from "hidden" millisecond pulsars. TAVANI M.
1993ApJ...402..264C 7 6 173 Pulsar death lines and death valley. CHEN K. and RUDERMAN M.
1993ApJ...403..249A 132 T K                 1 104 High-energy emission from the eclipsing millisecond pulsar
PSR 1957+20.
1993ApJ...403..322D 7 27 An X-ray excited wind in Centaurus X-3. DAY C.S.R. and STEVENS I.R.
1993ApJ...404..723N 4 2 34 The detectability of brown dwarfs: predictions and uncertainties. NELSON L.A., RAPPAPORT S. and JOSS P.C.
1993ApJ...405L..59B 35   K                 7 9 Sigma upper limits to the hard X-ray/soft gamma-ray emission from the millisecond pulsars of the nearby globular cluster 47 Tucanae. BARRET D., MANDROU P., DENIS M., et al.
1993ApJ...405..353A 49 18 Daily search for emission of ultra-high-energy radiation from point sources. ALEXANDREAS D.E., ALLEN G., BERLEY D., et al.
1993ApJ...406..629G 2 2 21 Nonlinear plasma mechanisms of pulsar eclipse in binary systems. GEDALIN M. and EICHLER D.
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1993ApJ...411L..75C 7 19 Does the coalescence of white dwarfs produce millisecond pulsars in globular clusters ? CHEN K. and LEONARD P.J.T.
1993ApJ...411L..83B 5 2 40 The optical counterpart of the bright nearby millisecond pulsar PSR J0437-4715. BAILYN C.D.
1993ApJ...413L..39T 3 5 Hidden slow pulsars in binaries. TAVANI M. and BROOKSHAW L.
1993ApJ...415L.115W 1 4 25 On the origin of the eclipsing pulsar PSR B 1718-19 and its wind. WIJERS R.A.M. and PACZYNSKI B.
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1994A&A...281L.101S 5 14 Gamma-ray emission from millisecond pulsars. STURNER S.J. and DERMER C.D.
1994A&A...283..867D 1 0 Effect of compressibility on nuclear matter in a neutron star crust. DUORAH H.L. and PHUKON T.C.
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PSR B1957+20.
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PSR B1957+20 : evidence for a tidally powered star.
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1995ApJ...439..928C 109 T K                 3 24 The orbital light curve of
PSR 1957+20.
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1995ApJ...443L..21F 110 T K                 1 11 HST images of the eclipsing pulsar
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Black widow formation by pulsar irradiation and sustained magnetic braking.
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BAI J.T., DAI S., ZHI Q.J., et al.
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2022ApJ...930..101R 1754 T   A     X C       36 7 ~ The Bow Shock and Kinematics of

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