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1967BANS....1..397O 66 1 Variable stars in the galactic window Sagittarius II. OOSTERHOFF P.T., PONSEN J. and SCHUURMAN M.C.
1968BANS....3...79O 97 6 Variable stars in the galactic window Sagittarius I. At alpha = 17h 53m, delta = -29 02 (1900) OOSTERHOFF P.T. and PONSEN J.
1968JRASC..62..145V 45 71 The galaxies of the local group. VAN DEN BERGH S.
1976MNRAS.174..169L 142 78 Red variables in the central bulge of the Galaxy. I. The period distribution of Mira variables. LLOYD EVANS T.
1981SvA....25...25S 68 T                   15 8 The structure of star formation regions. III. Individual regions: spatial extent, mass, and age of SFR
Sagittarius I.
1982MNRAS.200p..33C 5 ~ Faint red stars,in the Galactic centre. CATCHPOLE R.M.
1983ApJ...265..748W 27 69 Long-period variables in the galactic bulge : evidence for a young super-metal-rich population. WOOD P.R. and BESSELL M.S.
1984Ap&SS.102..295V 9 5 The period-luminosity relation of Mira stars. VAN DEN BERGH S.
1984Msngr..38...31A 3 3 Catching carbon stars in the Baade's windows. AZZOPARDI M., LEQUEUX J. and REBEIROT E.
1985BAAS...17..561M 3 0 Heystacks, needles and carbon stars. McCARTHY M.F. and BLANCO V.M.
1986MNRAS.221..879G 69 T                   1 35 31 IRAS sources in the
Sgr I window.
1986MNRAS.221.1023K 63 3 764 Review of galactic constants. KERR F.J. and LYNDEN-BELL D.
1989IAUS..136...71A 9 2 The nature of the carbon stars in the galactic bulge. AZZOPARDI M., LEQUEUX J., REBEIROT E., et al.
1990ApJ...353..494F viz 33 89 Galactic bulge M giants. II. Content and structure of the bulge between b=-3 and -12. FROGEL J.A., TERNDRUP D.M., BLANCO V.M., et al.
1990MNRAS.247..479C 8 3 104 The distribution of stars within two degrees of the Galactic Centre. CATCHPOLE R.M., WHITELOCK P.A. and GLASS I.S.
1990Msngr..59...41T 12 4 A photometric study of the bright cloud B in Sagittarius. TERZAN A.
1990Msngr..62....6B 4 2 Stellar evolution in the galactic bulge. BLOMMAERT J.A., BROWN A.G., HABING H.J., et al.
1992A&AS...93...61R viz 10 14 Distribution and studies of the infrared stellar population in the galaxy. III. Baade's window photometry. RUELAS-MAYORGA R.A. and TEAGUE P.F.
1995A&A...300..109M 10 28 The helium abundance of the Galactic bulge. MINNITI D.
1995MNRAS.273..383G 71 T                   67 90 Long-period variables in the Sgr I field of the Galactic Bulge. GLASS I.S., WHITELOCK P.A., CATCHPOLE R.M., et al.
1995Ap&SS.230..177W 6 2 Red variables, stellar evolution and galactic structure. WHITELOCK P.
1996MNRAS.278...11F 87 100 The pulsation, temperatures and metallicities of Mira and semiregular variables in different stellar systems. FEAST M.W.
1997A&AS..123...63V viz 141 46 A multiwavelength study of star formation in the very young open cluster NGC 6530. VAN DEN ANCKER M.E., THE P.S., FEINSTEIN A., et al.
1998A&A...338..581S viz 84 13 Field #3 of the Palomar-Groningen survey. II. Near-infrared photometry of semiregular variables. SCHULTHEIS M., NG Y.K., HRON J., et al.
1999MNRAS.308..127G 107 54 ISOGAL survey of Baade's Windows in the mid-infrared. GLASS I.S., GANESH S., ALARD C., et al.
1999Ap&SS.265..337F 6 0 Age and metallicity gradients in the Galactic Bulge. A differential study using HST/WFPC2 observations. FELTZING S. and GILMORE G.
2000A&A...353..322A 25 32 Optical and near-infrared spectrophotometric properties of Long Period Variables and other luminous red stars. ALVAREZ R., LANCON A., PLEZ B., et al.
2000A&A...355..949F 5 6 91 Age and metallicity gradients in the Galactic Bulge. A differential study using HST/WFPC2. FELTZING S. and GILMORE G.
2000ApJS..128..571D 181 28 SiO maser survey of the galactic disk IRAS sources. II. |l|≤3° and |b|≤3°, the Galactic Center area. DEGUCHI S., FUJII T., IZUMIURA H., et al.
2001ApJ...552..289A viz 343 51 Mass-losing semiregular variable stars in Baade's windows. ALARD C., BLOMMAERT J.A.D.L., CESARSKY C., et al.
2001MNRAS.321...77G viz 412 46 Large-amplitude variables near the Galactic Centre. GLASS I.S., MATSUMOTO S., CARTER B.S., et al.
2002A&A...381..219D 2 18 157 Low-extinction windows in the inner Galactic Bulge. DUTRA C.M., SANTIAGO B.X. and BICA E.
2002A&A...388..279O 119 24 OH/IR stars in the inner bulge detected by ISOGAL. ORTIZ R., BLOMMAERT J.A.D.L., COPET E., et al.
2002AJ....124.2054K 8 5 122 Hubble space telescope WFPC2 proper motions in two bulge fields: kinematics and stellar population of the Galactic Bulge. KUIJKEN K. and RICH R.M.
2002MNRAS.337..519G viz 185 25 M giants in MACHO, DENIS and ISOGAL. GLASS I.S. and SCHULTHEIS M.
2003A&A...400..903J viz 26 16 The ISOGAL field FC-01863+00035: Mid-IR interstellar extinction and stellar populations. JIANG B.W., OMONT A., GANESH S., et al.
2003MNRAS.338..857V 1 30 112 Infrared stellar populations in the central parts of the Milky Way galaxy. VAN LOON J.T., GILMORE G.F., OMONT A., et al.
2003MNRAS.343...67G 22 16 The calibrating stars of the Mira P -L relation. GLASS I.S. and LLOYD EVANS T.
2005A&A...433..931B 20 3 A low-absorption disk zone at low Galactic latitude in Centaurus. BICA E., BONATTO C., SANTIAGO B.X., et al.
2005A&A...443..143G viz 2 9 76 Mira variables in the OGLE bulge fields. GROENEWEGEN M.A.T. and BLOMMAERT J.A.D.L.
2005NewAR..49..465R 35 3 Wide field imaging from space: Galaxy formation from nearby stellar populations. RICH R.M.
2006MNRAS.369..791F 23 29 Carbon-rich Mira variables: kinematics and absolute magnitudes. FEAST M.W., WHITELOCK P.A. and MENZIES J.W.
2006MNRAS.370..435K viz 37 20 Mapping stellar kinematics across the Galactic bar: HST measurements of proper motions in 35 fields. KOZLOWSKI S., WOZNIAK P.R., MAO S., et al.
2006Natur.443..534S 1 39 102 Transiting extrasolar planetary candidates in the Galactic bulge. SAHU K.C., CASERTANO S., BOND H.E., et al.
2005AAS...20517603S 2 ~ The HST/NICMOS Galactic Bulge deep field: a deep infrared luminosity function to H=26. SOSEY M., RICH R.M., SAHU K., et al.
2007AJ....134.1432V viz 1 9 28 Proper motions in the Galactic Bulge: Plaut's window. VIEIRA K., CASETTI-DINESCU D.I., MENDEZ R.A., et al.
2008AJ....135.1681T 75           X         2 25 1 Near-infrared light variation of single-peaked OH/IR stars. TANG X., JIANG B.W. and FU J.N.
2008MNRAS.386..313W viz 38           X         1 299 220 AGB variables and the Mira period-luminosity relation. WHITELOCK P.A., FEAST M.W. and VAN LEEUWEN F.
2009A&A...495..157S viz 115           X         3 9 23 Interstellar extinction and long-period variables in the Galactic centre. SCHULTHEIS M., SELLGREN K., RAMIREZ S., et al.
2009MNRAS.399.1709M viz 227           X         6 1377 100 A near-infrared survey of Miras and the distance to the Galactic Centre. MATSUNAGA N., KAWADU T., NISHIYAMA S., et al.
2012A&A...540A..48S 1253       D     X C       32 9 12 3-dimensional kinematics in low foreground extinction windows of the Galactic Bulge. Radial velocities for six bulge fields: procedures and results. SOTO M., KUIJKEN K. and RICH R.M.
2012MNRAS.427.1429W 17       D               11 7 36 A new model for the Milky Way bar. WANG Y., ZHAO H., MAO S., et al.
2013MNRAS.435.3437W 17       D               6 7 17 A Schwarzschild model of the Galactic bar with initial density from N-body simulations. WANG Y., MAO S., LONG R.J., et al.
2014A&A...562A..41S 16       D               1 8 8 Proper motions for HST observations in three off-axis bulge fields. SOTO M., ZEBALLOS H., KUIJKEN K., et al.
2016ApJ...817..115C 40           X         1 60 2 Near-infrared observations of SiO maser-emitting asymptotic giant branch (AGB) stars. CHIBUEZE J.O., MIYAHARA T., OMODAKA T., et al.
2016MNRAS.455.2216C viz 80           X         2 650 41 The age and structure of the Galactic bulge from Mira variables. CATCHPOLE R.M., WHITELOCK P.A., FEAST M.W., et al.
2016A&A...595A...1G viz 41           X         1 3213 4492 The Gaia mission. GAIA COLLABORATION, PRUSTI T., DE BRUIJNE J.H.J., et al.
2017A&A...605A..26P 97       D       C       2 32 27 BRITE Constellation: data processing and photometry. POPOWICZ A., PIGULSKI A., BERNACKI K., et al.
2018A&A...619A.103F 250           X         6 56 221 Gaia DR2 proper motions of dwarf galaxies within 420 kpc. Orbits, Milky Way mass, tidal influences, planar alignments, and group infall. FRITZ T.K., BATTAGLIA G., PAWLOWSKI M.S., et al.
2019ApJ...873...34N 43           X         1 33 59 Modeling the connection between subhalos and satellites in Milky Way-like systems. NADLER E.O., MAO Y.-Y., GREEN G.M., et al.
2019A&A...623A.168S 43           X         1 7 7 Mapping the stellar age of the Milky Way bulge with the VVV. I. The method. SUROT F., VALENTI E., HIDALGO S.L., et al.
2019MNRAS.485.3544W 42           X         1 8 ~ Seismic modelling of early B-type pulsators observed by BRITE - I. θ Ophiuchi. WALCZAK P., DASZYNSKA-DASZKIEWICZ J., PIGULSKI A., et al.
2019MNRAS.487.5188S 42           X         1 11 7 Transverse kinematics of the Galactic bar-bulge from VVV and Gaia. SANDERS J.L., SMITH L., EVANS N.W., et al.
2020MNRAS.494L..32S 43           X         1 11 ~ VVV WIN 1733-3349: a low extinction window to probe the far side of the Milky Way bulge. SAITO R.K., MINNITI D., BENJAMIN R.A., et al.
2022ApJ...924..131S 18       D               1 39 6 Galactic Mass estimates using dwarf galaxies as kinematic tracers. SLIZEWSKI A., DUFRESNE X., MURDOCK K., et al.
2022A&A...664A.124M 45           X         1 7 6 Blanco DECam Bulge Survey (BDBS). V. Cleaning the foreground populations from Galactic bulge colour-magnitude diagrams using Gaia EDR3. MARCHETTI T., JOHNSON C.I., JOYCE M., et al.
2023A&A...680A..35G viz 65       D     X         2 11 ~ Gaia Focused Product Release: Sources from Service Interface Function image analysis Half a million new sources in omega Centauri. GAIA COLLABORATION, WEINGRILL K., MINTS A., et al.

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