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1997AJ....113.2219K 16 33 CCD photometry of faint variable stars in the field of the globular cluster M4. KALUZNY J., THOMPSON I.B. and KRZEMINSKI W.
2000AJ....120..319R 84 71 W UMa-type binary stars in globular clusters. RUCINSKI S.M.
2004ApJ...609..755B 45 54 X-ray sources and their optical counterparts in the globular cluster M4. BASSA C., POOLEY D., HOMER L., et al.
2007BAVSR..56...78D         O           4 0 Veraenderliche in M 4. V46, V47 und V54. DIEDERICH H.-G.
2011MNRAS.415.1509L 1521   K A D S   X C       38 16 10 Two extreme contact binary systems in the nearest globular cluster M4. LIU L., QIAN S.-B. and FERNANDEZ-LAJUS E.
2013AcA....63..181K 40           X         1 37 17 The Clusters AgeS Experiment (CASE) variable stars in the globular cluster M4. KALUZNY J., THOMPSON I.B., ROZYCZKA M., et al.
2014PASP..126..521S viz 16       D               3 96 31 Optical and near-infrared UBVRIJHK photometry for the RR Lyrae stars in the nearby globular cluster M 4 (NGC 6121). STETSON P.B., BRAGA V.F., DALL'ORA M., et al.
2013NewA...25...12L 56       D     X         2 40 7 Two contact binaries at different evolutionary stages in the globular cluster NGC 6397. LI K. and QIAN S.-B.
2015A&A...577A.117S 203           X         5 26 4 Model computations of blue stragglers and W UMa-type stars in globular clusters. STEPIEN K. and KIRAGA M.
2018MNRAS.479.1953D 43           X         1 134 ~ Testing models of stellar structure and evolution - I. Comparison with detached eclipsing binaries. DEL BURGO C. and ALLENDE PRIETO C.
2017PASJ...69...79L 100       D     X         3 29 ~ Comprehensive photometric study of an extremely low mass ratio deep contact binary in the globular cluster M 4 . LI K., HU S., CHEN X., et al.
2019ApJS..244...12W viz 192       D     X         5 48 ~ A search for variable stars in the globular cluster M4 with K2. WALLACE J.J., HARTMAN J.D., BAKOS G.A., et al.
2021ApJS..254...10L viz 19       D               1 687 ~ Statistics of 700 individually studied W UMa stars. LATKOVIC O., CEKI A. and LAZAREVIC S.
2021PASJ...73..132L 19       D               1 26 ~ Light curve analysis of six totally eclipsing W UMa binaries. LATKOVIC O. and CEKI A.
2021AJ....162...63N viz 19       D               2 69 ~ Zwicky Transient facility and globular clusters: the period-luminosity and Period-Luminosity-Color relations for late-type contact binaries. NGEOW C.-C., LIAO S.-H., BELLM E.C., et al.

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