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2000PASP..112..280K 14 0 IAU colloquium 177: pulsar astronomy: 2000 and beyond. (Conference highlights). KRAMER M. and WEX N.
2000AAS...197.8310S 73 T                   1 0 PSR J1740-3052: a radio pulsar with a massive companion. STAIRS I.H., MANCHESTER R.N., LYNE A.G., et al.
2000AAS...197.8313C 8 0 Intermediate-mass binary pulsars from the Parkes multibeam survey. CAMILO F., LYNE A.G., STAIRS I.H., et al.
2001MNRAS.325..979S 111 T K                 6 33
PSR J1740-3052: a pulsar with a massive companion.
2001MNRAS.328...17M viz 120 358 The Parkes multi-beam pulsar survey - I. Observing and data analysis systems, discovery and timing of 100 pulsars. MANCHESTER R.N., LYNE A.G., CAMILO F., et al.
2001Ap&SS.278...33M 13 1 The Parkes multibeam pulsar survey and interstellar scattering. MANCHESTER R.N.
2001PASA...18....1M 35 9 Finding pulsars at Parkes. MANCHESTER R.N.
2002A&A...396..589G 5 12 On the formation of Super-AGB stars in intermediate mass close binary systems. GIL-PONS P. and GARCIA-BERRO E.
2002ApJ...574..364P 1 19 111 A new class of high-mass X-ray binaries: implications for core collapse and neutron star recoil. PFAHL E., RAPPAPORT S., PODSIADLOWSKI P., et al.
2002MNRAS.335..275M viz 123 114 The Parkes Multibeam Pulsar Survey - II. Discovery and timing of 120 pulsars. MORRIS D.J., HOBBS G., LYNE A.G., et al.
2004AJ....128.1646N viz 299 73 High-resolution, wide-field imaging of the Galactic Center region at 330 MHz. NORD M.E., LAZIO T.J.W., KASSIM N.E., et al.
2004ApJ...612.1044P 7 8 191 The effects of binary evolution on the dynamics of core collapse and neutron star kicks. PODSIADLOWSKI P., LANGER N., POELARENDS A.J.T., et al.
2004Sci...304..547S 57 154 Pulsars in binary systems: probing binary stellar evolution and general relativity. STAIRS I.H.
2004ChJAA...4..320Z 15 8 Spin evolution of neutron stars in OB/X-ray binaries. ZHANG F., LI X.-D. and WANG Z.-R.
2006ApJ...639.1007W 53 72 Neutron star kicks in isolated and binary pulsars: observational constraints and implications for kick mechanisms. WANG C., LAI D. and HAN J.L.
2006ApJ...643..332F 4 30 291 Birth and evolution of isolated radio pulsars. FAUCHER-GIGUERE C.-A. and KASPI V.M.
2006ChJAA...6..237Y viz 15       D               422 14 Circular polarization in pulsar integrated profiles: updates. YOU X.-P. and HAN J.-L.
2004IAUS..218..427S 1 0 The young binary pulsar J1740-3052. STAIRS I.H.
2009ApJ...696..574C 38           X         1 13 4 Upper limits on pulsed radio emission from the 6.85 s X-ray pulsar XTE J0103-728 in the Small Magellanic Cloud. CRAWFORD F., LORIMER D.R., DEVOUR B.M., et al.
2009ApJ...698..911U 40           X         1 6 28 Suzaku observations of PSR B1259-63: a new manifestation of relativistic pulsar wind. UCHIYAMA Y., TANAKA T., TAKAHASHI T., et al.
2009MNRAS.397.1563M 15       D               1 37 21 Supernova kicks and misaligned Be star binaries. MARTIN R.G., TOUT C.A. and PRINGLE J.E.
2010MNRAS.406.1848T 753 T K A     X C       18 7 3 A search for the binary companion to PSRJ1740-3052. TAM C.R., STAIRS I.H., WAGNER S., et al.
2011MNRAS.411.1575B 15       D               1 38 34 A 6.5-GHz multibeam pulsar survey. BATES S.D., JOHNSTON S., LORIMER D.R., et al.
2011MNRAS.412L..63B 1493 T K A     X C F     36 10 4 The binary companion of
2011MNRAS.414.1679E viz 15       D               1 641 227 A study of 315 glitches in the rotation of 102 pulsars. ESPINOZA C.M., LYNE A.G., STAPPERS B.W., et al.
2011MNRAS.416.1556T 15       D               1 53 34 On the orbital parameters of Be/X-ray binaries in the small Magellanic cloud. TOWNSEND L.J., COE M.J., CORBET R.H.D., et al.
2012ApJ...756..188P 16       D               1 11 19 Possible changes of state and relevant timescales for a neutron star in LS I +61°303. PAPITTO A., TORRES D.F. and REA N.
2012MNRAS.425.2378M 663 T K A D     X C F     15 5 8 Timing the main-sequence-star binary pulsar
2013MNRAS.433..138R 39           X         1 107 14 Eight new radio pulsars in the Large Magellanic Cloud. RIDLEY J.P., CRAWFORD F., LORIMER D.R., et al.
2013ApJ...777..146Z 39           X         1 22 19 Radio detection of a candidate neutron star associated with galactic center supernova remnant Sagittarius A East. ZHAO J.-H., MORRIS M.R. and GOSS W.M.
2014MNRAS.443.2223M 214       D     X C       5 28 5 Binary pulsars studies with multiwavelength sky surveys - I. Companion star identification. MIGNANI R.P., CORONGIU A., PALLANCA C., et al.
2013A&ARv..21...64D 95       D     X         3 53 119 Gamma-ray binaries and related systems. DUBUS G.
2015BaltA..24..395M viz 16       D               1 618 2 Binary star DataBase: binaries discovered in non-optical bands. MALKOV O.Y., TESSEMA S.B. and KNIAZEV A.Y.
2016RAA....16..159H 16       D               1 230 2 Spectral indices for radio emission of 228 pulsars. HAN J., WANG C., XU J., et al.
2017ApJ...834..137L 41           X         1 75 7 Timing of 29 pulsars discovered in the PALFA survey. LYNE A.G., STAPPERS B.W., BOGDANOV S., et al.
2017A&A...608A..59D 123         O X         3 18 4 Sizing up the population of gamma-ray binaries. DUBUS G., GUILLARD N., PETRUCCI P.-O., et al.
2018ApJS..234...11H viz 17       D               2 495 4 Pulsar rotation measures and large-scale magnetic field reversals in the Galactic disk. HAN J.L., MANCHESTER R.N., VAN STRATEN W., et al.
2019MNRAS.484.5791B 43           X         1 41 ~ The High Time Resolution Universe Pulsar Survey - XV. Completion of the intermediate-latitude survey with the discovery and timing of 25 further pulsars. BURGAY M., STAPPERS B., BAILES M., et al.
2019ApJ...876...20H 17       D               1 30 ~ A search for pulsars in steep-spectrum radio sources toward the Galactic Center. HYMAN S.D., FRAIL D.A., DENEVA J.S., et al.
2020MNRAS.492.4825O 44           X         1 19 ~ A search for pulsars in subdwarf B binary systems and discovery of giant-pulse emitting PSR J0533-4524. OOSTRUM L.C., VAN LEEUWEN J., MAAN Y., et al.
2020MNRAS.493.1063C 17       D               1 102 ~ The High Time Resolution Universe Pulsar Survey - XVI. Discovery and timing of 40 pulsars from the southern Galactic plane. CAMERON A.D., CHAMPION D.J., BAILES M., et al.
2021A&A...645A.122D 45           X         1 9 ~ Fast radio burst repeaters produced via Kozai-Lidov feeding of neutron stars in binary systems. DECOENE V., KOTERA K. and SILK J.
2021ApJ...911L...3P 45           X         1 12 ~ LOFAR detection of 110-188 MHz emission and frequency-dependent activity from FRB 20180916B. PLEUNIS Z., MICHILLI D., BASSA C.G., et al.
2021MNRAS.504.1115O 18       D               1 88 ~ The Thousand-Pulsar-Array programme on MeerKAT - V. Scattering analysis of single-component pulsars. OSWALD L.S., KARASTERGIOU A., POSSELT B., et al.
2021ApJ...920...58K 45           X         1 11 ~ Unraveling the eclipse mechanism of a binary millisecond pulsar using broadband radio spectra. KANSABANIK D., BHATTACHARYYA B., ROY J., et al.
2022ApJ...924..135P 19       D               1 83 ~ Study of 72 pulsars discovered in the PALFA survey: timing analysis, glitch activity, emission variability, and a pulsar in an eccentric binary. PARENT E., SEWALLS H., FREIRE P.C.C., et al.
2022MNRAS.510.4943S 47           X         1 7 ~ Dynamical tides in eccentric binaries containing massive main-sequence stars: analytical expressions. SU Y. and LAI D.
2022MNRAS.513.6105S 47           X         1 11 ~ Wide binary pulsars from electron-capture supernovae. STEVENSON S., WILLCOX R., VIGNA-GOMEZ A., et al.
2022MNRAS.515L..78K 187           X         4 3 ~ Constraints on population I/II neutron star-black hole binary formation by gravitational wave and radio observations. KINUGAWA T., NAKAMURA T. and NAKANO H.
2023ApJ...943...57A 150           X         3 11 ~ CHIME Discovery of a Binary Pulsar with a Massive Nondegenerate Companion. ANDERSEN B.C., FONSECA E., McKEE J.W., et al.

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