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2001A&A...375..366C viz 410 83 The stellar content of the Hamburg/ESO survey. II. A large, homogeneously-selected sample of high latitude carbon stars. CHRISTLIEB N., GREEN P.J., WISOTZKI L., et al.
2002Ap.....45..322G viz 161 3 First Byurakan Spectral Sky Survey types. XIII. Zone +1deg ≤ delta ≤ +13deg. GIGOYAN K.S., ABRAHAMYAN H.V., AZZOPARDI M., et al.
2005MNRAS.359..531G 101 32 CH stars at high Galactic latitudes. GOSWAMI A.
2006Ap.....49..173G 47 3 Investigation of faint galactic carbon stars from the first Byurakan spectral sky survey. II. GIGOYAN K.S., MICKAELIAN A.M. and MAURON N.
2007ApJS..168..128B viz 15       D               1852 38 Broadband UBVRCIC photometry of horizontal-branch and metal-poor candidates from the HK and Hamburg/ESO surveys. I. BEERS T.C., FLYNN C., ROSSI S., et al.
2007A&A...463..969M 51 8 The properties of carbon stars found in the Byurakan and the Hamburg/ESO surveys. MAURON N., GIGOYAN K.S. and KENDALL T.R.
2007ApJ...667L..81S 52   K     O           1 29 Fluorine in a carbon-enhanced metal-poor star. SCHULER S.C., CUNHA K., SMITH V.V., et al.
2007BASI...35..339G 68 7 Low-resolution spectroscopy of high galactic latitude objects: A search for CH stars. GOSWAMI A., BAMA P., SHANTIKUMAR N.S., et al.
2008A&A...482..151M 76               F     1 68 26 New observations of cool carbon stars in the halo. MAURON N.
2008A&A...484L..27L 749   K A     X C       19 2 26 Fluorine in carbon-enhanced metal-poor stars: a binary scenario. LUGARO M., DE MINK S.E., IZZARD R.G., et al.
2008ApJ...682L.105O 174     A     X C       4 19 23 Detection of fluorine in the halo planetary nebula BoBn 1: evidence for a binary progenitor star. OTSUKA M., IZUMIURA H., TAJITSU A., et al.
2009ApJ...694..971A 40           X         1 7 32 Fluorine in asymptotic giant branch carbon stars revisited. ABIA C., RECIO-BLANCO A., DE LAVERNY P., et al.
2009MNRAS.394.1051S 154           X         4 9 25 Light element abundances in carbon-enhanced metal-poor stars. STANCLIFFE R.J.
2009A&A...508.1359I 193           X C       4 12 67 Population synthesis of binary carbon-enhanced metal-poor stars. IZZARD R.G., GLEBBEEK E., STANCLIFFE R.J., et al.
2010ApJ...723..658O viz 192           X         5 25 35 The origin and evolution of the halo PN BoBn 1: from a viewpoint of chemical abundances based on multiwavelength spectra. OTSUKA M., TAJITSU A., HYUNG S., et al.
2011ApJ...729...40L 233           X         6 17 44 Fluorine and sodium in c-rich low-metallicity stars. LUCATELLO S., MASSERON T., JOHNSON J.A., et al.
2010MmSAI..81..998G 78           X         2 2 7 The role of primary 16O as a neutron poison in AGB stars and fluorine primary production at halo metallicities. GALLINO R., BISTERZO S., CRISTALLO S., et al.
2010MmSAI..81.1064S 77           X         2 2 1 Mixing processes in carbon-enhanced metal-poor stars. STANCLIFFE R.J.
2011MNRAS.418..284B viz 15       D               3 115 128 The s-process in low-metallicity stars – II. Interpretation of high-resolution spectroscopic observations with asymptotic giant branch models. BISTERZO S., GALLINO R., STRANIERO O., et al.
2012MNRAS.419.3346G viz 16       D               1 1046 14 Revised and updated catalogue of the first byurakan survey of late-type stars. GIGOYAN K.S. and MICKAELIAN A.M.
2012MNRAS.422..849B 172       D       C F     3 97 76 The s-process in low-metallicity stars - III. Individual analysis of CEMP-s and CEMP-s/r with asymptotic giant branch models. BISTERZO S., GALLINO R., STRANIERO O., et al.
2016ApJ...833...20Y viz 16       D               1 304 44 Observational constraints on first-star nucleosynthesis. I. Evidence for multiple progenitors of CEMP-no stars. YOON J., BEERS T.C., PLACCO V.M., et al.
2019A&A...621A.108A viz 17       D               1 59 ~ Binarity among CEMP-no stars: an indication of multiple formation pathways? ARENTSEN A., STARKENBURG E., SHETRONE M.D., et al.
2020ApJ...894....7Y 148       D     X C       3 16 ~ Identification of a Group III CEMP-no star in the dwarf spheroidal galaxy Canes Venatici I. YOON J., WHITTEN D.D., BEERS T.C., et al.
2020MNRAS.498.3549M 348           X C       7 15 ~ Constraining nucleosynthesis in two CEMP progenitors using fluorine. MURA-GUZMAN A., YONG D., ABATE C., et al.

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