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1937ApJ....86..217Z 27 3 731 On the masses of nebulae and of clusters of nebulae. ZWICKY F.
1951ApJ...113..413S 14 3 352 Stellar populations and collisions of galaxies. SPITZER L.Jr and BAADE W.
1953ApJ...117...92N 7 1 57 On the spatial distribution of galaxies a specific model. NEYMAN J., SCOTT E.L. and SHANE C.D.
1956AJ.....61...97H 1 130 1159 Redshifts and magnitudes of extragalactic nebulae. HUMASON M.L., MAYALL N.U. and SANDAGE A.R.
1957ApJ...126..585S 66 T                   1 6 23 Observations of discrete sources, the
Coma cluster, the Moon, and the Andromeda nebula at a wave length of 75 cm.
1960PASP...72...42S 66 T                   1 8 1 On the white dwarfs of the Coma cluster. STEPHENSON C.B.
1961ApJ...133..726B 67 T                   1 3 21 NGC 4676, a peculiar system in the
Coma cluster of galaxies.
1966ApJ...146..528F 123 54 Radio emission from clusters of galaxies. FOMALONT E.B. and ROGSTAD D.H.
1967AJ.....72..398R 67 T                   1 265 93 Photographic brightness profiles of
Coma Cluster galaxies. I. Catalogue of program galaxies.
1968AJ.....73..442R 74 T                   1 1 42 Photographic brightness profiles of
Coma cluster galaxies. II. Calibration and reduction procedure.
1968AJ.....73..717B 139 70 Observations of radio sources at 10.03 MHz. BRIDLE A.H. and PURTON C.R.
1969AJ.....74..366R viz 210 54 Spectral flux densities of radio sources at 22.25 MHz. I. ROGER R.S., COSTAIN C.H. and LACEY J.D.
1969AJ.....74..407C 67 T                   1 53 130 Four-color and H-beta photometry of open clusters. II.
Coma and Ursa Major.
1969ApJ...158..657R 72 T                   1 2 66 Luminosity function and color-magnitude diagram of galaxies in a central zone of the
Coma cluster.
1969MNRAS.146..479A 67 T                   1 25 23 Membership of the
Coma cluster.
1969AcA....19..171R 67 T                   1 1 0 Redshifts of six galaxies in the vicinity of the
Coma cluster.
1970ApJ...162L.149B 83 379 On the classification of the forms of clusters of galaxies. BAUTZ L.P. and MORGAN W.W.
1971AJ.....76..182N 67 T                   1 6 14 Faint galaxies in the
Coma and Corona Borealis cluster.
1971ApJ...167L..81G 70 T                   1 8 144 A strong X-ray source in the
Coma cluster observed by UHURU.
1971ApJS...23..371S 2709 51 Rectangular coordinates of rich clusters of galaxies on the Palomar Sky Survey charts. SASTRY G.N. and ROOD H.J.
1971PASP...83..313R 111 242 "Tuning Fork" classification of rich clusters of galaxies. ROOD H.J. and SASTRY G.N.
1972ApJ...171L..45L 1 5 35 The X-ray spectrum of NGC 5128. LAMPTON M., MARGON B., BOWYER S., et al.
1972ApJ...173L..99G 79 94 X-ray emission from rich clusters of galaxies. GURSKY H., SOLINGER A., KELLOGG E.M., et al.
1972ApJ...175..613T 67 T                   1 88 58 The correlation of redshift with magnitude and morphology in the
Coma cluster.
1972ApJ...176....1G 206 3 3719 On the infall of matter into clusters of galaxies and some effects on their evolution. GUNN J.E. and GOTT III J.R.
1972ApJ...176...21S 70 T                   1 9 185 Absolute magnitudes of E and S0 galaxies in the Virgo and
Coma clusters as a function of U-B color.
1972ApJ...178..281G 143 336 The UHURU catalog of X-ray souces. GIACCONI R., MURRAY S., GURSKY H., et al.
1972ApJ...178..309F 69 T                   1 8 126 Observations of the extended X-ray sources in the Perseus and
Coma clusters from UHURU.
1973AJ.....78.1030R 227 162 The low-frequency spectra of nonthermal radio sources. ROGER R.S., BRIDLE A.H. and COSTAIN C.H.
1973ApJ...179...29T 67 T                   1 33 42 Properties of the redshift-magnitude bands in the
Coma cluster.
1973ApJ...181...15T 67 T                   1 32 22 Spectroscopy of outlying faint galaxies in the region of the
Coma cluster.
1973ApJ...183L..57G 70 T                   1 2 36 Soft X-ray flux of the
Coma cluster of galaxies.
1973ApJ...185L..13K 24 99 Clusters of galaxies with a wide range of X-ray luminosities. KELLOGG E., MURRAY S., GIACCONI R., et al.
1973MNRAS.165..259B 75 89 Extragalactic radio sources with steep low frequency spectra. BALDWIN J.E. and SCOTT P.F.
1974AJ.....79.1356C 119 84 Abell galaxy cluster magnitudes and the Hubble diagram. CORWIN H.G.Jr
1974ApJ...187..107B 50 33 Spectroscopic comparison of open clusters. I. The reddening, blanketing, and metallicity of M 67. BARRY D.C. and CROMWELL R.H.
1974ApJ...189L..55O 10 34 The correlation of radio emission and optical type with X-ray emission from clusters of galaxies. OWEN F.N.
1974ApJ...194....1O 9 15 842 The systematic properties of clusters of galaxies. Photometry of 15 clusters. OEMLER A.Jr
1974MNRAS.168...15G 35 13 Radio emission associated with the brightest galaxies in clusters. GUTHRIE B.N.G.
1975A&AS...21..137J 68 T                   1 151 63 A Westerbork survey of clusters of galaxies. I. 21 cm observations of
A 1656, A 2147, A 2197 and A 2199: radio data and identifications.
1975AJ.....80..263O 179 52 Pencil beam observations of Abell clusters of galaxies. I. 2695 MHz. OWEN F.N.
1975ApJ...195..587W 70 T                   1 2 25 Nuclear magnitudes for galaxies in the
Coma and Perseus clusters.
1975ApJ...198..249B 2 15 181 Core radii and central densities of 15 rich clusters of galaxies. BAHCALL N.A.
1975ApJ...199....1G 86 T                   1 1 90 Redshifts and morphology of galaxies in the
Coma cluster.
1975ApJ...199...10T 68 T                   1 30 30 Radio galaxies in the
Coma cluster.
1975PASP...87..833G 69 T                   1 1 8 Spectroscopy of selected
Coma cluster galaxies.
1975AN....296..221R 68 T                   1 1 3 Structural investigations in the central part of the
Coma cluster on the base of equidensity diagrams. I.
1976A&A....46..275J 1 5 38 A Westerbork survey of rich clusters of galaxies. II. The luminosity function of bright cluster galaxies at 1415 MHz. JAFFE W.J. and PEROLA G.C.
1976AJ.....81..571O 140 15 Pencil beam observations of Abell clusters of galaxies II. 775 and 968 MHz. OWEN F.N.
1976ApJ...203L.107R 22 100 Head-tail radio sources in clusters of galaxies. RUDNICK L. and OWEN F.N.
1976ApJ...203..297S 17 34 2997 An analytic expression for the luminosity function for galaxies. SCHECHTER P.
1976ApJ...206..364U 49 56 Redshifts of forty-three radio sources. ULRICH M.H.
1976ApJ...209..693O 5 13 333 The structure of elliptical and cD galaxies. OEMLER A.Jr
1976MNRAS.177p...7E 4 ~ Ariel V sky survey: long-term monitoring of the X-ray emission from the Coma cluster and NGC 4151. ELVIS M.
1976MNRAS.177..601C 52 38 A map of the northern sky at 10 MHz. CASWELL J.L.
1976LicOB.743....1F 13 0 Velocity dispersions for X-ray clusters of galaxies. FABER S.M. and DRESSLER A.
1977A&A....60..425M 68 T                   1 9 23 Photometry of the intergalactic optical surface brightness in the
Coma Cluster.
1977AJ.....82..677O 66 58 Interferometer observations of radio sources in clusters of galaxies. V. OWEN F.N., RUDNICK L. and PETERSON B.M.
1977ApJ...211..684T 112 26 Possible ring galaxies near rich clusters. Systematic survey in 70 rich clusters. THOMPSON L.A.
1977ApJ...215..723C 13 5 333 Radiative regulation of gas flow within clusters of galaxies: a model for cluster X-ray sources. COWIE L.L. and BINNEY J.
1977ApJ...216..214V 10 9 482 The color-absolute magnitude relation for E and S0 galaxies. I. Calibration and tests for universality using Virgo and eight other nearby clusters. VISVANATHAN N. and SANDAGE A.
1977ApJ...217...16H 64 46 The angular size-redshift relation. I. Sizes and shapes of nearby clusters of galaxies. HICKSON P.
1977ApJ...217L..77B 42 99 X-ray clusters of galaxies: correlations with optical morphology and galaxy density. BAHCALL N.A.
1977MNRAS.181..323G 95 T                   1 1 135 Studies of rich clusters of galaxies. IV. Photometry of the
Coma cluster.
1977MNRAS.181..735B 19 1 99 Dynamical friction in aspherical clusters. BINNEY J.
1977PASP...89..466T 70 T                   6 76 Photographic measurements of the diffuse light in the
Coma cluster.
1978A&A....67..293W 5 7 Radio sources around 3C 465, in the cluster of galaxies Abell 2634. WIELEBINSKI R., HASLAM C.G.T., BAKER J.R., et al.
1978A&A....68..449V 2 3 37 A Westerbork survey of clusters of galaxies. VALENTIJN E.A.
1978AJ.....83...73S 69 T                   1 27 180 Surface brightness and color distributions of elliptical and S0 galaxies. I. The
Coma cluster elliptical galaxies.
1978ApJ...220....8S 34 32 The X-ray luminosity function of Abell clusters. SCHWARTZ D.A.
1978ApJ...220..798S 77 T                   1 1 47 The elliptical shape of the
Coma cluster.
1978ApJ...220..809T 70 T                   1 3 44 Is the
Coma cluster a Zel'dovich disk ?
1978ApJ...221L...7A 1 4 33 Hard X-ray spectrum of NGC 4151. AURIEMMA G., ANGELONI L., BELLI B.M., et al.
1978ApJ...222..761E 37 36 26.3 MHz radio source survey. III. Correlation with extragalactic X-ray sources. ERICKSON W.C., MATTHEWS T.A. and VINER M.R.
1978ApJ...222..784G 97 T                   3 445 The
Coma/A 1367 supercluster and its environs.
1978ApJ...224....1J 58 76 X-ray clusters of galaxies and the luminosity-richness relation. JONES C. and FORMAN W.
1978ApJ...225...21M 1 31 233 OSO 8 X-ray spectra of clusters of galaxies. I. Observations of twenty clusters: physical correlations. MUSHOTZKY R.F., SERLEMITSOS P.J., SMITH B.W., et al.
1978ApJ...225L..93S 1 6 48 Gravitational encounters in rich clusters of galaxies. STROM S.E. and STROM K.M.
1978ApJ...226..559B 2 23 278 The evolution of galaxies in clusters. II. The galaxy content of nearby clusters. BUTCHER H. and OEMLER A.
1978ApJS...38..357F viz 380 657 The fourth UHURU catalog of X-ray sources. FORMAN W., JONES C., COMINSKY L., et al.
1978MNRAS.182..489C viz 119 295 The Ariel V SSI catalogue of high galactic latitude (|b|>10) X-ray sources. COOKE B.A., RICKETTS M.J., MACCACARO T., et al.
1978MNRAS.184..783M 49 68 X-ray sources in clusters of galaxies. McHARDY I.
1979A&A....78..367V 63 23 The distribution of some intrinsic parameters of head-tail radio sources. VALENTIJN E.A.
1979AJ.....84...27S 114 36 Velocity dispersion profiles of clusters of galaxies. STRUBLE M.F.
1979ApJ...227..785M 29 1 145 Dynamics of a stellar bar. MILLER R.H. and SMITH B.F.
1979ApJ...232L.145H 27 32 Velocity dispersions for X-ray- emitting clusters of galaxies. HINTZEN P. and SCOTT J.S.
1979ApJ...233..453J 39 69 Observations at 610 MHz of radio halos in clusters of galaxies. JAFFE W.J. and RUDNICK L.
1979ApJS...39..573M 142 77 The MIT/OSO 7 catalog of X-ray sources : intensities, spectra and long-term variability. MARKERT T.H., WINKLER P.F., LAIRD F.N., et al.
1979ApJS...40..657M 176 174 New hard X-ray sources observed with HEAO A-2. MARSHALL F.E., BOLDT E.A., HOLT S.S., et al.
1979ApJS...41..327A 467 26 A catalog of X-ray sources. AMNUEL P.R., GUSEINOV O.H. and RAKHAMINOV S.Y.
1979IBVS.1616....1E 68 T                   1 9 1 Flare stars in the
Coma cluster region.
1980A&A....82..322D 2 38 384 On velocity dispersions of galaxies in rich clusters. DANESE L., DE ZOTTI G. and DI TULLIO G.
1980ApJ...236..351D 11 56 3262 Galaxy morphology in rich clusters: implications for the formation and evolution of galaxies. DRESSLER A.
1980ApJ...241..486H 119 263 The photometry properties of brightest cluster galaxies. I. Absolute magnitudes in 116 nearby Abell clusters. HOESSEL J.G., GUNN J.E. and THUAN T.X.
1980ApJ...241..915M 23 38 Galactic cannibalism. IV. The evidence-correlations between dynamical time scales and Bautz-Morgan type. McGLYNN T.A. and OSTRIKER J.P.
1980ApJ...242....1T 68 T                   20 45 The luminosity function of
Coma cluster galaxies.
1980ApJ...242..857H 40 30 The revised HEAO A-2 X-ray luminosity function for Abell clusters. HINTZEN P., SCOTT J.S. and McKEE J.D.
1980MNRAS.191..325C 2 22 258 The morphology of clusters of galaxies. CARTER D. and METCALFE N.
1981A&A...100....7R 17 25 Observation of the cluster of galaxies A 401 at 11 cm. ROLAND J., SOL H., PAULINY-TOTH I., et al.
1981A&A...100..194C 4 2 46 New models for the intracluster gas. CAVALIERE A. and FUSCO-FEMIANO R.
1981AJ.....86..919S 71 T                   1 8 105 Spiral galaxies in clusters. I. Neutral hydrogen observations in Abell 1367,
Coma, and Zwicky 74-23 (1400.4-0949).
1981AJ.....86..953W 69 T                   63 17 The distribution of the spiral galaxies in the direction of the
Coma/A 1356 supercluster.
1981ApJ...245...18A 69 T                   51 41 The infrared color-magnitude relation for early-type galaxies in Virgo and
1981ApJ...245..799J 9 34 The Ophiuchus cluster: a bright X-ray cluster of galaxies at low galactic latitude. JOHNSTON M.D., BRADT H.V., DOXSEY R.E., et al.
1981ApJ...247..787B 1 24 134 The relation between velocity dispersion and central galaxy density in clusters of galaxies. BAHCALL N.A.
1981MNRAS.196..409C 19 14 Observations of rich clusters of galaxies at metre wavelengths. CANE H.V., ERICKSON W.C., HANISCH R.J., et al.
1981MNRAS.197..893M 140 144 The Ariel V (3A) catalogue of X-ray sources. II. Sources at high galactic latitude (|b| > 10 deg). McHARDY I.M., LAWRENCE A., PYE J.P., et al.
1981SvA....25..647F 460 24 A catalog of galaxy clusters with measured redshifts. FETISOVA T.S.
1982A&A...107..338B 169 353 The shape and orientation of clusters of galaxies. BINGGELI B.
1982A&A...108L...7S viz 329 84 A Table of redshifts for Abell Clusters. SARAZIN C.L., ROOD H.J. and STRUBLE M.F.
1982A&A...111...97H 84 34 A search for radio halo emission at 430 MHz in 72 rich clusters of galaxies. HANISCH R.J.
1982AJ.....87....7S 276 111 Morphological classification (revised RS) of Abell clusters in D<4 and an analysis of observed correlations. STRUBLE M.F. and ROOD H.J.
1982AJ.....87..945K 69 T                   1 393 402 The dynamics of rich clusters of galaxies. I. The
Coma cluster.
1982ApJ...253..485P 1 88 623 A complete X-ray sample of the high-latitude (b)-20 sky from HEAO 1 A-2: log N-log S and luminosity functions. PICCINOTTI G., MUSHOTZKY R.F., BOLDT E.A., et al.
1982ApJ...263...23H 69 T                   42 8
Coma Quasars.
1982ApJS...50...39B 1 9 46 The evolution of disk galaxies and the S0 problem, revisited. BOTHUN G.D.
1982MNRAS.200..971D 39 13 Observations of X-ray clusters of galaxies at 102.5 MHZ. DAGKESAMANSKY R.D., GUBANOV A.G., KUZMIN A.D., et al.
1982PASP...94..421G 65 285 Substructure within clusters of galaxies. GELLER M.J. and BEERS T.C.
1982Ap&SS..82....3A 471 20 Second catalogue of X-ray sources. AMNUEL P.R., GUSEINOV O.H. and RAKHAMINOV S.Y.
1982SvAL....8..104K 145 19 Radial velocities of galaxies in the Virgo Cluster. KARACHENTSEV I.D. and KARACHENTSEVA V.E.
1983ApJ...264...24M 52 1 263 Relaxation and tidal stripping in rich clusters of galaxies. I. Evolution of the mass distribution. MERRITT D.
1983ApJ...265...26B 69 91 The X-ray morphology of Abell 1367. BECHTOLD J., FORMAN W., GIACCONI R., et al.
1983ApJ...266..425J 144 42 A survey by HEAO 1 of clusters of galaxies. III. The complete Abell catalog. JOHNSON M.W., CRUDDACE R.G., ULMER M.P., et al.
1983ApJ...268..495M 1 8 68 Effects of galaxy collisions on the structure and evolution of galaxy clusters. I. Mass and luminosity functions and background light. MILLER G.E.
1983ApJ...269...13C 69 T                   79 42 21 cm observations of supercluster galaxies : the bridge between
Coma and A 1367.
1983ApJ...270...20B 35 4 709 The spatial correlation function of rich clusters of galaxies. BAHCALL N.A. and SONEIRA R.M.
1983ApJ...270..410G 7 31 Radio and X-ray observations of the radio halo source in A 1367. GAVAZZI G. and TRINCHIERI G.
1983ApJ...270..422S 70 T                   1 1 5 On the mass and extent of the
Coma cluster of galaxies.
1983ApJ...271..442S 45 27 The X-Ray luminosity function of very rich clusters and the luminosity-richness relation. SOLTAN A. and HENRY P.J.
1983ApJ...271..446A 82 169 X-Ray survey of clusters of galaxies with the Einstein Observatory. ABRAMOPOULOS F. and KU W.H.-M.
1983ApJ...273..167W 16 13 MCG 5-29-86 : a galaxy with a prolate central bulge ? WAKAMATSU K.-I. and ARP H.C.
1983ApJ...273..436P 7 2 73 C IV absorption in the high-redshift BL Lac object 0215+015. II. New observations at 20 kms -1 resolution. PETTINI M., HUNSTEAD R.W., MURDOCH H.S., et al.
1983ApJ...274L...7D 80 T                   1 1 56 Alignment of galaxies in the
Coma cluster.
1983ApJ...274..491B 41 97 The environment of D and cD galaxies. BEERS T.C. and GELLER M.J.
1983ApJS...51....1N 118 78 HEAO A-2 soft X-ray source catalog. NUGENT J.J., JENSEN K.A., NOUSEK J.A., et al.
1983MNRAS.202p...7F 4 ~ Tidal compression of the Local Supercluster. FTACLAS C.
1983MNRAS.202..113G viz 69 T                   2 6727 206 The
Coma Cluster - I. A Catalogue of magnitudes, colours, ellipticies and position angles for 6724 galaxies in the field of the
Coma Cluster.
1983MNRAS.202..249K 22 4 On the gravitational radius-velocity dispersion correlation for clusters of galaxies. KASHLINSKY A.
1983AZh....60....9A 78 4 Radio emission of Abell clusters of galaxies at 102.5 MHz. ALIAKBEROV K.D., DAGKESAMANSKY R.D. and SHUTENKOV V.R.
1983AZh....60..851G 1 1 To the theory of origin of the rotation of elliptical galaxies. GUREVICH L.E. and VERNER D.A.
1983AZh....60.1051G 133 2 Radio emission of Abell clusters of galaxies with redshifts from 0.02 to 0.075 at 102.5 MHz. I. Observations of clusters southward from the galactic plane. GUBANOV A.G.
1983ApL....23..113S 32 8 Cluster collapse and radio source morphology. SPARKE L.S.
1983BAAS...15..656D 69 T                   1 1 0 Alignment of galaxies in the
Coma cluster.
1983BAAS...15..974C 69 T                   1 1 0 The radial X-ray brightness profile of the
Coma cluster.
1983BASI...11...44S 142 22 Integrated photometric parameters of open and globular clusters. SAGAR R., JOSHI U.C. and SINVHAL S.D.
1983MitAG..60...23L 1 2 Mysterious mass in Local Group Galaxies. LYNDEN-BELL D.
1983PASAu...5..114S 397 26 Radio data on clusters of galaxies from the Culgoora circular array. SLEE O.B. and SIEGMAN B.C.
1984A&A...135..141V 69 T                   1 5 18 Theories of radio halo formation : application to the
Coma cluster.
1984A&A...141..419G 31 2 Galaxy clusters : dynamical times and brightest member magnitudes. GIURICIN G., MARDIROSSIAN F. and MEZZETTI M.
1984A&AS...56..415B 90 12 A catalogue of X-ray spectra observed with the Ariel V proportional counter (Experiment C). BELL BURNELL S.J. and CHIAPPETTI L.
1984AJ.....89..466B 69 T                   80 26 Spiral galaxies in clusters. V. Radial gradients in Coma and A1367 BOTHUN G.D., SCHOMMER R.A. and SULLIVAN III W.T.
1984AJ.....89.1275E 52 15 Alternating ejection in radio-loud quasars ? ENSMAN L.M. and ULVESTAD J.S.
1984AJ.....89.1279K 69 T                   62 103 H-alpha observations of spiral galaxies in Cancer, A 1367, and Coma. KENNICUTT R.C.Jr, BOTHUN G.D. and SCHOMMER R.A.
1984ApJ...277...19F 5 12 Clusters of galaxies as a probe of the intergalactic medium. FORMAN W., JONES C. and TUCKER W.
1984ApJ...278...51L 99 29 The bright end of the color-magnitude relation for early-type galaxies in clusters. LUGGER P.M.
1984ApJ...278..457P 74 T                   1 1 28 Constraints on the anisotropy of the velocity dispersion of the
Coma cluster.
1984ApJ...279....1D 3 3 56 Alignments of clusters of galaxies as a probe for superclusters. DEKEL A., WEST M.J. and AARSETH S.J.
1984ApJ...279..511S 37 2 On the X-ray spectrum of the volume emissivity arising from Abell clusters. STOTTLEMYER A.R. and BOLDT E.A.
1984ApJ...279..515B 6 22 Evidence of hard X-ray emission from three clusters of galaxies. BAZZANO A., FUSCO-FEMIANO R., LA PADULA C., et al.
1984ApJ...280...15P 69 T                   1 1 ~ Simultaneous study of optical and X-ray properties of the
Coma cluster by multi-mass models.
1984ApJ...281..512D 69 T                   47 167 Internal kinematics of galaxies in clusters. I. Velocity dispersions for elliptical galaxies in Coma and Virgo. DRESSLER A.
1984ApJ...286..106L 44 20 The structure of first-ranked cluster galaxies and the radius-magnitude relation. LUGGER P.M.
1984ApJ...287...89C 71 T                   1 1 11 The radial X-ray brightness profile of the
Coma cluster.
1984ApJS...56..403K viz 144 90 An X-ray survey of clusters of galaxies. IV. A survey of southern clusters and a compilation of upper limits for both Abell and southern clusters. KOWALSKI M.P., ULMER M.P., CRUDDACE R.G., et al.
1984ApJS...56..507W viz 900 396 The HEAO A-1 X-ray source catalog. WOOD K.S., MEEKINS J.F., YENTIS D.J., et al.
1984MNRAS.206..529E 2 23 246 Structure of superclusters and supercluster formation - III. Quantitative study of the Local Supercluster. EINASTO J., KLYPIN A.A., SAAR E., et al.
1984ARA&A..22..185D 1 31 272 The evolution of galaxies in clusters. DRESSLER A.
1984ARA&A..22..425H 33 6 1008 The origin of ultra-high-energy cosmic rays. HILLAS A.M.
1984ARA&A..22..445H 1 50 267 The influence of environment on the HI content of galaxies. HAYNES M.P., GIOVANELLI R. and CHINCARINI G.L.
1984Afz....21..461K 4 0 Gas and dust emission in the galaxy clusters in the radiowave region. KHERSONSKIJ V.K. and VOSHCHINNIKOV N.V.
1984ATsir1347....1K 12 7 The northern cone. II. The spatial correlation function of rich compact clusters of galaxies inside the cone. KOPYLOV A.J., KUZNETSOV D.Y., FETISOVA T.S., et al.
1984AZh....61..645D 27 2 The origin of galaxies and clusters of galaxies in the neutrino universe. DOROSHKEVICH A.G.
1984AN....305..175B 74 T                   1 1 29 On the structure of the
Coma cluster of galaxies.
1984Ap&SS.103..301V 1 2 11 Infrared emission of dust grains in the clusters of galaxies. VOSHCHINNIKOV N.V. and KHERSONSKIJ V.K.
1984BAAS...16..471Y 69 T                   1 2 0 IRAS observations of the
Coma cluster.
1984BAAS...16..989S 2 0 Optical properties of IRAS galaxies in the Coma and Hercules cluster. SEAMAN R.L., STROM S.E. and YOUNG E.
1984PASJ...36..333F 69 T                   1 1 2 Intergalactic matter model for the missing mass in the
Coma cluster of galaxies.
1985A&A...143..182V 1 4 20 No missing mass in clusters of galaxies ? VALTONEN M.J., INNANEN K.A., HUANG T.-Y., et al.
1985A&A...144..431R 44 66 Iron abundance in galaxy clusters. ROTHENFLUG R. and ARNAUD M.
1985AJ.....90.1400P 62 37 The magnitude-redshift relation for 561 Abell clusters. POSTMAN M., HUCHRA J.P., GELLER M.J., et al.
1985AJ.....90.1413B 577 82 Finding lists of candidate superclusters and voids of Abell clusters BATUSKI D.J. and BURNS J.O.
1985AJ.....90.1648H 179 112 CCD Observations of Abell clusters. IV. Surface photometry of 175 brightest cluster galaxies. HOESSEL J.G. and SCHNEIDER D.P.
1985AJ.....90.2431T 1 19 85 Observations of a complete sample of brightest cluster galaxies with multiple nuclei. TONRY J.L.
1985ApJ...292...16H 73 T                   1 1 19 Far-ultraviolet background observations at high galactic latitude. I. The
Coma cluster.
1985ApJ...292..404G 511 424 Gas deficiency in cluster galaxies: a comparison of nine clusters. GIOVANELLI R. and HAYNES M.P.
1985ApJ...292..441H 17 42 The physical implications of an isothermal model for the hot intracluster medium. HENRIKSEN M.J. and MUSHOTZKY R.F.
1985ApJS...57...77S 654 143 Clusters of galaxies from the Shane-Wirtanen counts. SHECTMAN S.A.
1985MNRAS.215..437C 69 T                   1 11 32 The radio halo and active galaxies in the
Coma cluster.
1985MNRAS.216.1043B 69 T                   1 9 23 Serendipitous EXOSAT sources in the region of the
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COMA ca va ?
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