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1973MNRAS.163..141M 2 6 76 Observations of NGC 7538 at 2.7 and 5 GHZ. MARTIN A.H.M.
1974ApJ...187..473W 1 24 238 Infrared studies of H II regions and OH sources. WYNN-WILLIAMS C.G., BECKLIN E.E. and NEUGEBAUER G.
1974ApJ...191L..77D 2 4 57 Formaldehyde line emission at 4.8GHz near NGC 7538. DOWNES D. and WILSON T.L.
1976ApJ...206..728W 2 5 65 8 to 13 micron spectrophotometry of compact sources in NGC 7538. WILLNER S.P.
1979A&A....71..151D 17 19 Interaction of hot stars and the interstellar medium. IX - Morphology, excitation and kinematics of SH 2-158(NGC 7538), a bright high excitation galactic nebula. DEHARVENG L., LORTET M.C. and TESTOR G.
1979MNRAS.188..463W 2 11 121 An infrared study of the NGC 7538 region. WERNER M.W., BECKLIN E.E., GATLEY I., et al.
1980A&A....84L...1F 11 48 A formaldehyde maser in NGC 7538. FORSTER J.R., GOSS W.M., WILSON T.L., et al.
1982A&A...108..274E 6 12 On the infrared sources 1 and 2 in NGC 7538. ELSAESSER H., BIRKLE K., EIROA C., et al.
1982ApJ...252..250H 22 99 10 and 20 micron images of regions of star formation. HACKWELL J.A., GRASDALEN G.L. and GEHRZ R.D.
1984ApJ...282L..27C 1 7 69 VLA observations of collimated outflow at NGC 7538 IRS1. CAMPBELL B.
1988AJ.....95.1185C 18 33 Images of star-forming regions. III. Sources in the NGC 7538 molecular cloud complex. CAMPBELL B. and PERSSON S.E.
1989ApJ...339..222K 1 10 46 High-velocity flows in the NGC 7538 molecular cloud. KAMEYA O., HASEGAWA T.I., HIRANO N., et al.
1991ApJ...370..228H 70 T                   5 10 Molecular hydrogen in the vicinity of NGC 7538 IRS 1 and
IRS 2: temperature and ortho-to-para ratio.
1991ApJ...376..608G 6 20 NGC 7538 IRS 1 : subarcsecond resolution recombination line and 15NH3 maser observations. GAUME R.A., JOHNSTON K.J., NGUYEN H.A., et al.
1991ApJ...378..611T 26 84 Infrared polarization images of star-forming regions. I. The ubiquity of bipolar structure. TAMURA M., GATLEY I., JOYCE R.R., et al.
1991MmSAI..62..715M 19 18 Near-infrared imaging of embedded young clusters. McCAUGHREAN M.
1991PASAu...9..118A 4 1 Radio continuum around NGC 7538-IRS 1. AKABANE K., INOUE M., KAWABE R., et al.
1992ApJ...387..241P 1 4 18 Are the NGC 7538 formaldehyde masers really unusual ? PRATAP P., SNYDER L.E. and BATRLA W.
1992BAAS...24..797F 71 T                   3 ~ BIMA observations of H39alpha and H24alpha recombination lines of NGC 7538 IRS 1 and IRS 2: velocity determinations. FRITZ M., DICKEL H.R., WRIGHT M.C.H., et al.
1992PASJ...44..421A 71 T                   9 13 Millimeter-wave continuum around NGC 7538-IRS1, IRS2 and IRS3. AKABANE K., TSUNEKAWA S., INOUE M., et al.
1992PASJ...44..435K 9 16 Aperture synthesis CS observations of NGC 7538 IRS 1-3 : ring of dense gas around IRS 1. KAWABE R., SUZUKI M., HIRANO N., et al.
1995ApJ...438..776G 4 5 64 The NGC 7538 IRS 1 region of star formation : observations of the H66-alpha recombination line with a spatial resolution of 300 AU. GAUME R.A., GOSS W.M., DICKEL H.R., et al.
1998A&A...334.1056S 1 4 13 Solid CO2 towards NGC 7538 IRS1. STRAZZULLA G., NISINI B., LETO G., et al.
1998ApJ...506..727B 73 T                   5 19 A near-infrared study of NGC 7538 IRS 1,
2, and 3.
1999ApJ...520..162J 22 34 Low-velocity ionized winds from regions around young O stars. JAFFE D.T. and MARTIN-PINTADO J.
1999AcASn..40...51Y 31 1 Near infrared polarimetric imaging of NGC 7538. YAO Y.-Q. and SATO S.
2000MNRAS.312..327S 74 74 Studies in mid-infrared spectropolarimetry - II. An atlas of spectra. SMITH C.H., WRIGHT C.M., AITKEN D.K., et al.
2001AJ....122..313J 46 13 K'-band polarimetric imaging of S187 IR and S233. JIANG Z., YAO Y., YANG J., et al.
2001ApJ...550..301Z 17 19 Multifield mosaic of the NGC 7538 region. ZHENG X.-W., ZHANG Q., HO P.T.P., et al.
2001ApJ...553..254O 41 27 High-resolution mid-infrared imaging and spectroscopic observations of a massive star forming region W51 IRS 2. OKAMOTO Y.K., KATAZA H., YAMASHITA T., et al.
2001ApJ...560..806L 27 14 Observations of the ionized, neutral, and molecular components associated with an expanding H II region. LEBRON M.E., RODRIGUEZ L.F. and LIZANO S.
2001PASJ...53..821A 73 T                   22 8 2 millimeter dust around NGC 7538 - IRS 1,
2, and 3: I. Unfilled structure of dust cloud.
2003ApJ...598.1061H 15 38 The formaldehyde masers in NGC 7538 and G29.96-0.02: very long baseline array, multielement radio-linked interferometer network, and very large array observations. HOFFMAN I.M., GOSS W.M., PALMER P., et al.
2003ChJAA...3..133X 4 1 A kinematical study of the NGC 7538 IRS 1 region. XU Y., ZHENG X.-W. and JIANG D.-R.
2003ARep...47..838L 6 4 Long-term monitoring of the water-vapor maser in NGC 7538 : 1981-1992. LEKHT E.E., MUNITSYN V.A. and TOLMACHEV A.M.
2004A&A...427..505A 92 30 Near-IR speckle imaging of massive young stellar objects. ALVAREZ C., HOARE M., GLINDEMANN A., et al.
2004ApJ...600..269S 27 33 Submillimeter continuum observations of NGC 7538. SANDELL G. and SIEVERS A.
2004ApJ...605..285S 59 69 Broad radio recombination lines from hypercompact H II regions. SEWILO M., CHURCHWELL E., KURTZ S., et al.
2004ApJ...614..807L 2 6 42 Photoevaporated disks around massive young stars. LUGO J., LIZANO S. and GARAY G.
2004ApJ...616.1042O 22 41 A near-infrared study of the NGC 7538 star-forming region. OJHA D.K., TAMURA M., NAKAJIMA Y., et al.
2004ARep...48..200L 5 6 Long-term monitoring of the water-vapor maser in NGC 7538 : 1993-2003. LEKHT E.E., MUNITSYN V.A. and TOLMACHEV A.M.
2005A&A...431..183A 74 T                   8 9 Dust content in compact HII regions (NGC 7538-IRS1,
IRS2, and IRS3).
2005ApJ...625..891R viz 1 23 73 High-mass star formation. I. The mass distribution of submillimeter clumps in NGC 7538. REID M.A. and WILSON C.D.
2005ApJ...628L.151D 2 8 43 Investigating the nature of the dust emission around massive protostar NGC 7538 IRS 1: circumstellar disk and outflow. DE BUIZER J.M. and MINIER V.
2006A&A...448L..57P 15 15 Discovery of two new methanol masers in NGC 7538. Locating of massive protostars. PESTALOZZI M.R., MINIER V., MOTTE F., et al.
2006A&A...455..521K 60   K A   O           58 29 Outflows from the high-mass protostars NGC 7538 IRS1/2 observed with bispectrum speckle interferometry. Signatures of flow precession. KRAUS S., BALEGA Y., ELITZUR M., et al.
2006ApJS..164...99F 45 50 Full-polarization observations of OH masers in massive star-forming regions. II. Maser properties and the interpretation of polarization. FISH V.L. and REID M.J.
2006ApJ...650..970R 1 13 36 High-mass star formation. III. The functional form of the submillimeter clump mass function. REID M.A. and WILSON C.D.
2007ApJ...656..275M 1 10 25 Capture-formed binaries via encounters with massive protostars. MOECKEL N. and BALLY J.
2008ApJS..175..277D viz 7176 197 The SCUBA legacy catalogues: submillimeter-continuum objects detected by SCUBA. DI FRANCESCO J., JOHNSTONE D., KIRK H., et al.
2008PASJ...60...23S 36 23 Mapping observations of 6.7 GHz methanol masers with the Japanese VLBI network. SUGIYAMA K., FUJISAWA K., DOI A., et al.
2009ApJ...696..471K viz 77           X         2 11 25 High-resolution mid-infrared spectroscopy of NGC 7538 IRS 1: probing chemistry in a massive young stellar object. KNEZ C., LACY J.H., EVANS N.J., et al.
2009ApJ...699L..31S 232           X C F     4 4 28 NGC 7538 IRS 1: an ionized jet powered by accretion. SANDELL G., GOSS W.M., WRIGHT M., et al.
2009PABei..27..330Y 52 0 The mass of young stellar objects. YIN J. and JIANG Z.-B.
2010A&A...513A...9C 207       D     X C       5 33 12 A millimeter survey of ultra-compact HII-regions and associated molecular clouds. CHURCHWELL E., SIEVERS A. and THUM C.
2010A&A...517A...2P 38           X         1 35 16 Near-infrared spectroscopy in NGC 7538. PUGA E., MARIN-FRANCH A., NAJARRO F., et al.
2011ApJ...728....6Q 348           X C       8 27 39 Outflows, accretion, and clustered protostellar cores around a forming O star. QIU K., ZHANG Q. and MENTEN K.M.
2011A&A...530A..53K 232           X C       5 17 15 High resolution CO observation of massive star forming regions. KLAASSEN P.D., WILSON C.D., KETO E.R., et al.
2011AJ....142..202H 116           X C       2 18 4 New maser emission from nonmetastable ammonia in NGC 7538. II. Green bank telescope observations including water masers. HOFFMAN I.M. and KIM S.S.
2012ApJ...746..187W 78           X         2 36 5 Observations of a high-mass protostar in NGC 7538 S. WRIGHT M., ZHAO J.-H., SANDELL G., et al.
2013ApJ...773..102F 39           X         1 31 16 Herschel reveals massive cold clumps in NGC 7538. FALLSCHEER C., REID M.A., DI FRANCESCO J., et al.
2014MNRAS.439.3719C viz 16       D               1 1757 14 A multiwavelength study of embedded clusters in W5-east, NGC 7538, S235, S252 and S254-S258. CHAVARRIA L., ALLEN L., BRUNT C., et al.
2014A&A...567A.116F viz 159           X         4 22 16 Shaping a high-mass star-forming cluster through stellar feedback . The case of the NGC 7538 IRS 1-3 complex. FRAU P., GIRART J.M., ZHANG Q., et al.
2014MNRAS.443.3218M viz 421     A     X C F     9 34 12 NGC 7538: multiwavelength study of stellar cluster regions associated with IRS 1-3 and IRS 9 sources. MALLICK K.K., OJHA D.K., TAMURA M., et al.
2014ApJ...796..112W 40           X         1 18 5 NGC 7538 IRS. 1. Interaction of a polarized dust spiral and a molecular outflow. WRIGHT M.C.H., HULL C.L.H., PILLAI T., et al.
2017MNRAS.467.2943S viz 741           X C F     16 44 3 Stellar contents and star formation in the NGC 7538 region. SHARMA S., PANDEY A.K., OJHA D.K., et al.
2017A&A...605A..61B viz 82           X         2 9 4 Multiplicity and disks within the high-mass core NGC 7538IRS1. Resolving cm line and continuum emission at ∼0.06'' x 0.05'' resolution. BEUTHER H., LINZ H., HENNING T., et al.
2017ApJS..232...29A 41           X         1 22 ~ Long-term variability of H2CO masers in star-forming regions. ANDREEV N., ARAYA E.D., HOFFMAN I.M., et al.
2018ApJ...864..136B viz 84           X         2 85 1 A multiwavelength look at Galactic massive star-forming regions. BINDER B.A. and POVICH M.S.
2019MNRAS.484..226P 43           X         1 39 ~ A pilot survey of the binarity of Massive Young Stellar Objects with K-band adaptive optics. POMOHACI R., OUDMAIJER R.D. and GOODWIN S.P.
2019A&A...623L...5K 43           X         1 9 ~ Resolving the MYSO binaries PDS 27 and PDS 37 with VLTI/PIONIER. KOUMPIA E., ABABAKR K.M., DE WIT W.J., et al.
2020ApJ...904..139S 627       D     X C       14 13 ~ NGC 7538 IRS1 – an O star driving an ionized jet and giant N-S outflow. SANDELL G., WRIGHT M., GUSTEN R., et al.
2021MNRAS.504.1733S 90             C       1 14 ~ Thermal formaldehyde emission in NGC 7538 IRS 1. SHUVO O.I., ARAYA E.D., TAN W.S., et al.

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