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2006AJ....131..621G viz 15       D               1 1031 48 A catalog of 1022 bright contact binary stars. GETTEL S.J., GESKE M.T. and McKAY T.A.
2009AJ....138..466H viz 15       D               1 4122 33 Automated variable star classification using the Northern Sky Variability Survey. HOFFMAN D.I., HARRISON T.E. and McNAMARA B.J.
2012AJ....143...99T viz 16       D               1 126 29 A BVRCIC survey of W Ursae Majoris binaries. TERRELL D., GROSS J. and COONEY W.R.
2015AJ....149...90S viz 763 T K A D     X C       18 9 1 UBVRI analysis of the totally eclipsing extreme mass ratio W UMa binary,
GSC 3208 1986.
SAMEC R.G., KRING J.D., ROBB R., et al.
2016RAA....16i...3K 41           X         1 9 ~ Photometric observations and light curve solutions of the W UMa stars NSVS 2244206, NSVS 908513, CSS J004004.7+385531 and VSX J062624.4+570907. KJURKCHIEVA D.P., POPOV V.A., VASILEVA D.L., et al.
2017NewA...51....1L viz 41           X         1 15 1 First four-color photometric investigation of extreme mass-ratio contact binary AS Coronae Borealis. LIU L., QIAN S., ZHU L., et al.
2019IBVS.6263....1E         O           1 ~ On the Period and Light Curve of the A-Type W UMa binary GSC 3208-1986. EATON J., ODELL A. and POLAKIS T.
2020ApJ...901..169L viz 44           X         1 31 ~ Magnetic activity and period variation studies of the four W UMa-type eclipsing binaries: UV Lyn, V781 Tau, NSVS 4484038, and 2MASS J15471055+5302107. LU H.-P., ZHANG L.-Y., MICHEL R., et al.
2021ApJS..254...10L viz 18       D               1 689 ~ Statistics of 700 individually studied W UMa stars. LATKOVIC O., CEKI A. and LAZAREVIC S.

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