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2015GCN.18478....1M 83 T                   1 3 GRB 151027A: Swift detection of a burst with a bright optical afterglow. MASELLI A., D'AI A., LIEN A.Y., et al.
2015GCN.18479....1Z 80 T                   1 ~ GRB 151027A: KAIT optical afterglow confirmation. ZHENG W. and FILIPPENKO A.V.
2015GCN.18480....1E 80 T                   1 ~ GRB 151027A : ISON-NM early optical detection. ELENIN L., MAZAEVA E., VOLNOVA A., et al.
2015GCN.18481....1P 80 T                   1 ~ GRB 151027A: P60 afterglow confirmation and rebrightening. PERLEY D.A. and CENKO S.B.
2015GCN.18482....1G 81 T                   1 1 GRB 151027A: Enhanced Swift-XRT position. GOAD M.R., OSBORNE J.P., BEARDMORE A.P., et al.
2015GCN.18483....1C 80 T                   1 ~ Tentative redshift for GRB 151027A from Swift-XRT data. CAMPANA S.
2015GCN.18485....1X 81 T                   1 1 GRB 151027A: Weihai optical observations. XU D., ZHANG C.-M., CAO C., et al.
2015GCN.18487....1P 83 T                   1 3 GRB 151027A: Keck/HIRES redshift. PERLEY D.A., HILLENBRAND L. and PROCHASKA J.X.
2015GCN.18490....1P 80 T                   1 ~ GRB 151027A: Swift-XRT refined Analysis. PAGE K.L., D'AVANZO P., D'ELIA V., et al.
2015GCN.18491....1Y 81 T                   1 1 GRB 151027A: MITSuME Akeno Optical observation. YANO Y., YOSHII T., SAITO Y., et al.
2015GCN.18492....1T 82 T                   1 2 GRB 151027A: Fermi GBM observation. TOELGE K., YU H.-F. and MEEGAN C.A.
2015GCN.18493....1Z 81 T                   1 1 GRB 151027A: GMG observation. ZHANG J., MAO J. and BAI J.
2015GCN.18495....1W 81 T                   1 1 GRB 151027A: Early RAPTOR Observations. WREN J., VESTRAND W.T., WOZNIAK P., et al.
2015GCN.18496....1P 81 T                   1 1 GRB 151027A: Swift-BAT refined analysis. PALMER D.M., BARTHELMY S.D., CUMMINGS J.R., et al.
2015GCN.18502....1B 81 T                   1 1 GRB 151027A: UVOT Observations. BALZER B.G., SIEGEL M.H. and MASELLI A.
2015GCN.18503....1H 81 T                   1 1 GRB 151027A: THO optical observations. HENTUNEN V.-P., NISSINEN M. and SALMI T.
2015GCN.18508....1L 81 T                   1 1 GRB 151027A: VLA detection. LASKAR T., ALEXANDER K. and BERGER E.
2015GCN.18510....1D 81 T                   1 1 GRB 151027A: LCOGT-McDonald afterglow observations. DICHIARA S., KOPAC D., GUIDORZI C., et al.
2015GCN.18513....1Z 81 T                   1 1 GRB 151027A: continued GMG observation. ZHANG J., MAO J. and BAI J.
2015GCN.18515....1X 81 T                   1 1 GRB 151027A : Xinglong TNT optical observation. XIN L.P., WANG X.F., WEI J.Y., et al.
2015GCN.18516....1G 83 T                   1 3 Konus-Wind observation of GRB 151027A. GOLENETSKII S., APTEKAR R., FREDERIKS D., et al.
2015GCN.18518....1S 80 T                   2 1 GRB 151027A: T100 observations. SONBAS E., GUVER T., GOGUS E., et al.
2015GCN.18519....1C 80 T                   1 ~ GRB 151027A: NOT optical and NIR observations. CANO Z., MALESANI D., HARMANEN J., et al.
2015GCN.18521....1M 81 T                   1 1 GRB 151027A: SAO RAS optical observations. MOSKVITIN A.
2015GCN.18525....1M 82 T                   1 2 GRB 151027A: MAXI/GSC detection. MASUMITSU T., NEGORO H., KAWAI N., et al.
2015GCN.18533....1P 82 T                   1 2 GRB 151027A: Optical counterpart detection. PROTSYUK Y. and KOVALCHUK O.
2015GCN.18537....1C 81 T                   1 1 GRB 151027A: Continued P60 Monitoring. CENKO S.B. and PERLEY D.A.
2015GCN.18539....1W 81 T                   1 1 GRB 151027A: optical follow-up observations. WIGGINS P.
2015GCN.18552....1C 81 T                   1 1 GRB 151027A: Correction to GCN 18519. CANO Z.
2015GCN.18555....1R 80 T                   1 ~ GRB 151027A: the missing GeV component. RUFFINI R., AIMURATOV Y., BARRES U., et al.
2015GCN.18558....1K 80 T                   5 1 GRB 151027A: Mt. Terskol observatory optical observation. KOZLOV V., ANDREEV M., MAZAEVA E., et al.
2015GCN.18559....1M 80 T                   5 1 GRB 151027A: Mondy optical observations. MAZAEVA E., VOLNOVA A., KLUNKO E., et al.
2015GCN.18567....1O 81 T                   1 1 GRB 151027A: Hankasalmi optical observations. OKSANEN A.
2015GCN.18575....1M 80 T                   1 ~ GRB 151027A: continued Mondy optical observations. MAZAEVA E., KLUNKO E., VOLNOVA A., et al.
2015GCN.18608....1C 81 T                   1 1 GMRT radio detection of GRB 151027A. CHANDRA P. and NAYANA A.J.
2015GCN.18609....1A 80 T                   1 ~ GRB151027A: Optical observations. ANUPAMA G.C.
2015GCN.18616....1M 80 T                   1 ~ GRB 151027A: SAO RAS and Mt. Terskol observations. MOSKVITIN A.S. and SOKOLOV I.V.
2015GCN.18620....1C 80 T                   1 ~ 610 MHz detection of GRB 151027A with the GMRT. CHANDRA P. and NAYANA A.J.
2015GCN.18635....1P 80 T                   4 1 GRB 151027A: Maidanak optical observations. POZANENKO A., MAZAEVA E., VOLNOVA A., et al.
2016MNRAS.458.3821U 16       D               1 25 1 Machine-z: rapid machine-learned redshift indicator for Swift gamma-ray bursts. UKWATTA T.N., WOZNIAK P.R. and GEHRELS N.
2016ApJ...829....7L viz 57       D     X         2 1010 44 The third Swift burst alert telescope gamma-ray burst catalog. LIEN A., SAKAMOTO T., BARTHELMY S.D., et al.
2016ApJ...832..136R 41           X         1 287 34 On the classification of GRBs and their occurrence rates. RUFFINI R., RUEDA J.A., MUCCINO M., et al.
2016ApJ...833..159P viz 16       D               1 167 8 On the universal late X-ray emission of binary-driven hypernovae and its possible collimation. PISANI G.B., RUFFINI R., AIMURATOV Y., et al.
2017A&A...598A..23N 1384 T K A     X C       32 9 13 The 999th Swift gamma-ray burst: Some like it thermal A multiwavelength study of
GRB 151027A.
2017PASJ...69...20H 82               F     1 25 ~ ALMA and RATIR observations of GRB 131030A. HUANG K., URATA Y., TAKAHASHI S., et al.
2017ApJ...850..161T viz 16       D               3 156 3 The Konus-Wind catalog of gamma-ray bursts with known redshifts. I. Bursts detected in the triggered mode. TSVETKOVA A., FREDERIKS D., GOLENETSKII S., et al.
2018ApJ...852...53R viz 309       D     X         8 347 14 Early X-ray flares in GRBs. RUFFINI R., WANG Y., AIMURATOV Y., et al.
2018ApJ...855...88D 100       D       C       2 48 5 On the origin of supernova-less long gamma-ray bursts. DADO S. and DAR A.
2018MNRAS.474.2401V 1020       D     X C       24 82 ~ Thermal components in the early X-ray afterglows of GRBs: likely cocoon emission and constraints on the progenitors. VALAN V., LARSSON J. and AHLGREN B.
2018MNRAS.475.1708A 42           X         1 59 2 Clustering of gamma-ray burst types in the Fermi GBM catalogue: indications of photosphere and synchrotron emissions during the prompt phase. ACUNER Z. and RYDE F.
2018PASP..130e4202Z 17       D               1 283 ~ Spectrum-energy correlations in GRBs: update, reliability, and the Long/Short dichotomy. ZHANG Z.B., ZHANG C.T., ZHAO Y.X., et al.
2018ApJS..236...26L 17       D               3 115 3 Constraining the type of central engine of GRBs with Swift data. LI L., WU X.-F., LEI W.-H., et al.
2018ApJ...862..155L 84           X         2 14 1 Characteristics of two-episode emission patterns in Fermi long gamma-ray bursts. LAN L., LU H.-J., ZHONG S.-Q., et al.
2018MNRAS.478.3605M 17       D               3 97 ~ A lower occurrence rate of bright X-ray flares in SN-GRBs than z < 1 GRBs: evidence of energy partitions? MU H.-J., GU W.-M., MAO J., et al.
2018ApJ...866...97B viz 17       D               1 630 ~ Statistical study of the Swift X-ray flash and X-ray rich Gamma-ray bursts. BI X., MAO J., LIU C., et al.
2018ApJ...866..162G 226       D     X         6 56 1 The environments of the most energetic gamma-ray bursts. GOMPERTZ B.P., FRUCHTER A.S. and PE'ER A.
2018ApJ...869..151R 694 T   A     X C       15 4 ~ On the ultra-relativistic prompt emission, the hard and soft X-ray flares, and the extended thermal emission in
GRB 151027A.
2019ApJ...871...14B 85           X         2 6 ~ SPH simulations of the induced gravitational collapse scenario of long gamma-ray bursts associated with supernovae. BECERRA L., ELLINGER C.L., FRYER C.L., et al.
2019MNRAS.485..474A viz 17       D               10 40 ~ Testing a model for subphotospheric dissipation in GRBs: fits to Fermi data constrain the dissipation scenario. AHLGREN B., LARSSON J., AHLBERG E., et al.
2019ApJ...876...77X 17       D               4 180 ~ Characteristics of long gamma-ray bursts in the comoving frame. XUE L., ZHANG F.-W. and ZHU S.-Y.
2019MNRAS.486L..46A 17       D               1 192 ~ Addressing the circularity problem in the Ep-Eiso correlation of gamma-ray bursts. AMATI L., D'AGOSTINO R., LUONGO O., et al.
2019ApJ...877..153Z 102       D     X         3 128 ~ Magnetar as central engine of Gamma-ray bursts: central engine-jet connection, wind-jet energy partition, and origin of some ultra-long bursts. ZOU L., ZHOU Z.-M., XIE L., et al.
2019ApJ...880...76A viz 996       D S   X C       22 10 ~ Investigating subphotospheric dissipation in gamma-ray bursts using joint Fermi-Swift observations. AHLGREN B., LARSSON J., VALAN V., et al.
2019ApJ...883...97Z 17       D               3 199 ~ The shallow decay segment of GRB X-ray afterglow revisited. ZHAO L., ZHANG B., GAO H., et al.
2019ApJS..245....1T 102       D     X         3 183 ~ Statistical study of gamma-ray bursts with a plateau phase in the X-ray afterglow. TANG C.-H., HUANG Y.-F., GENG J.-J., et al.
2020MNRAS.492.1919M 17       D               1 320 ~ The Ep,i-Eiso correlation: type I gamma-ray bursts and the new classification method. MINAEV P.Y. and POZANENKO A.S.
2020ApJ...893...46V viz 17       D               1 2357 ~ The fourth Fermi-GBM Gamma-ray Burst catalog: a decade of data. VON KIENLIN A., MEEGAN C.A., PACIESAS W.S., et al.
2020ApJ...893...77W viz 17       D               1 3282 ~ A comprehensive statistical study of gamma-ray bursts. WANG F., ZOU Y.-C., LIU F., et al.
2020ApJ...893..148R 44           X         1 10 ~ Magnetic fields and afterglows of BdHNe: inferences from GRB 130427A, GRB 160509A, GRB 160625B, GRB 180728A, and GRB 190114C. RUEDA J.A., RUFFINI R., KARLICA M., et al.
2020ApJ...894...52X 17       D               1 68 ~ Magnetar as central engine of gamma-ray bursts: quasi-universal jet, event rate, and X-ray luminosity function of dipole radiations. XIE W.-J., ZOU L., LIU H.-B., et al.
2020MNRAS.494.1463V 235       D S   X         5 10 ~ Diffusive photospheres in gamma-ray bursts. VERESHCHAGIN G.V. and SIUTSOU I.A.
2020ApJS..248...21H viz 17       D               1 390 ~ Revisiting the relationship between the long GRB rate and cosmic star formation history based on a large Swift sample. HAO J.-M., CAO L., LU Y.-J., et al.
2020MNRAS.494.5259Y 17       D               1 204 ~ Less noticeable shallow decay phase in early X-ray afterglows of GeV/TeV-detected gamma-ray bursts. YAMAZAKI R., SATO Y., SAKAMOTO T., et al.
2020MNRAS.495.2342D 392           X C       8 15 ~ Using realistic host galaxy metallicities to improve the GRB X-ray equivalent total hydrogen column density and constrain the intergalactic medium density. DALTON T. and MORRIS S.L.
2020ApJ...896L..20J viz 17       D               1 1320 ~ An unambiguous separation of gamma-ray bursts into two classes from prompt emission alone. JESPERSEN C.K., SEVERIN J.B., STEINHARDT C.L., et al.
2020ApJ...898...42C 17       D               1 21 ~ Peculiar Prompt emission and afterglow in the H.E.S.S.-detected GRB 190829A. CHAND V., BANERJEE A., GUPTA R., et al.
2020ApJ...900..112Z 17       D               1 139 ~ Statistical study of gamma-ray bursts with jet break features in multiwavelength afterglow emissions. ZHAO W., ZHANG J.-C., ZHANG Q.-X., et al.
2021ApJ...908L...2S 18       D               1 136 ~ Identifying black hole central engines in gamma-ray bursts. SHARMA V., IYYANI S. and BHATTACHARYA D.
2021MNRAS.501.3515M 18       D               2 56 ~ Improving sampling and calibration of gamma-ray bursts as distance indicators. MONTIEL A., CABRERA J.I. and HIDALGO J.C.
2021MNRAS.501.4974V 421       D S   X   F     8 120 ~ A comprehensive view of blackbody components in the X-ray spectra of GRBs. VALAN V. and LARSSON J.
2021ApJ...908..181M 18       D               1 174 ~ Tracing dark energy history with gamma-ray bursts. MUCCINO M., IZZO L., LUONGO O., et al.
2021ApJ...908..242D 18       D               2 146 ~ Testing Blandford-Znajek mechanism in black hole hyperaccretion flows for long-duration gamma-ray bursts. DU M., YI S.-X., LIU T., et al.
2021ApJ...911...14K 600       D S   X C       12 29 ~ The late-time radio behavior of gamma-ray burst afterglows: testing the standard model. KANGAS T. and FRUCHTER A.S.
2021ApJ...911...20T 18       D               1 1354 ~ A comprehensive power spectral density analysis of astronomical time series. II. The Swift/BAT long gamma-ray bursts. TARNOPOLSKI M. and MARCHENKO V.
2021A&A...649A..75M 45           X         1 8 ~ The newborn black hole in GRB 191014C proves that it is alive. MORADI R., RUEDA J.A., RUFFINI R., et al.
2021ApJ...913...60P 18       D               1 133 ~ The Fermi-GBM Gamma-Ray Burst spectral catalog: 10 yr of data. POOLAKKIL S., PREECE R., FLETCHER C., et al.
2021ApJ...913...86W 18       D               1 58 ~ Do all long-duration gamma-ray bursts emit GeV photons? WANG Y.
2021MNRAS.504.5301R 287       D     X C       6 71 ~ The morphology of the X-ray afterglows and of the jetted GeV emission in long GRBs. RUFFINI R., MORADI R., RUEDA J.A., et al.
2021MNRAS.507..730H 108       D         F     2 30 ~ Measuring cosmological parameters with a luminosity-time correlation of gamma-ray bursts. HU J.P., WANG F.Y. and DAI Z.G.
2021MNRAS.508...52L 18       D               1 424 ~ Revisiting the luminosity and redshift distributions of long gamma-ray bursts. LAN G.-X., WEI J.-J., ZENG H.-D., et al.
2021ApJ...920..135X 18       D               1 121 ~ X-ray plateaus in gamma-ray burst afterglows and their application in cosmology. XU F., TANG C.-H., GENG J.-J., et al.
2022ApJ...924L..29X 19       D               1 67 ~ A robust estimation of Lorentz invariance violation and intrinsic spectral lag of short gamma-ray bursts. XIAO S., XIONG S.-L., WANG Y., et al.
2022MNRAS.512..439C 112       D       C       2 50 ~ Standardizing Platinum Dainotti-correlated gamma-ray bursts, and using them with standardized Amati-correlated gamma-ray bursts to constrain cosmological model parameters. CAO S., DAINOTTI M. and RATRA B.
2022MNRAS.513.1078D 19       D               1 120 ~ A comparative study of luminosity functions and event rate densities of long GRBs with non-parametric method. DONG X.F., LI X.J., ZHANG Z.B., et al.
2022MNRAS.516.1386C 19       D               1 145 ~ Gamma-ray burst data strongly favour the three-parameter fundamental plane (Dainotti) correlation over the two-parameter one. CAO S., DAINOTTI M. and RATRA B.
2022ApJS..263...39M 19       D               1 168 ~ Evidence of Photosphere Emission Origin for Gamma-Ray Burst Prompt Emission. MENG Y.-Z.
2022ApJ...939..116A 19       D               1 61 ~ Searches for Neutrinos from Gamma-Ray Bursts Using the IceCube Neutrino Observatory. ABBASI R., ACKERMANN M., ADAMS J., et al.
2022ApJ...941...99L 19       D               1 63 ~ The Spectral Evolution Patterns and Implications of Gamma-Ray Burst X-Ray Flares. LU L.-Z., LIANG E.-W. and CORDIER B.
2022ApJ...941..166X 19       D               1 184 ~ Search for Quasiperiodic Oscillations in Precursors of Short and Long Gamma-Ray Bursts. XIAO S., PENG W.-X., ZHANG S.-N., et al.

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