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1994ApJ...432L..27K 16 1 64 Delayed hard photons from gamma-ray bursts. KATZ J.I.
1994IAUC.5937....1K 72 T                   1 5 GRB 940217. KIPPEN R.M., MACRI J. and RYAN J.
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1995Ap&SS.231..181T 7 15 Shock high-energy emission mechanisms applied to SGRs and GRBs. TAVANI M.
1995Ap&SS.231..187D 5 5 78 EGRET observations of >30 Mev emission from the brightest bursts detected by BATSE. DINGUS B.L.
1995Ap&SS.231..217L 100 8 Gamma-burst positions - are they reliable ? LUND N.
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1996ApJ...461..858S 4 2 29 Relativistic beam-magnetic barrier collision and nonthermal radiation of cosmological γ-ray bursters. SMOLSKY M.V. and USOV V.V.
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1997PhRvL..78.4328V 5 3 50 GeV photons from ultrahigh energy cosmic ray accelerated in gamma ray bursts. VIETRI M.
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2004APh....22..297C 75 T                   1 5 Is there any evidence for extra-dimensions or quantum gravity effects from the delayed MeV?GeV photons in
GRB 940217?
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2007ChJAA...7..509W 81 T                   1 12 The synchrotron-self-compton radiation accompanying shallow decaying X-ray afterglow: the case of
GRB 940217.
WEI D.-M. and FAN Y.-Z.
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