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1850CDT..1784..227M 111 ~ Catalogue des nebuleuses et des amas d'etoiles. MESSIER C.
1906ArMAF...2s...1F 2 ~ Photographic measurement of the principal stars in the cluster of Coma Berenices and determination of their proper motions. FAGERHOLM E.
1917ApJ....45..118S 2 2 Studies based on the colors and magnitudes in stellar clusters. I,II,III. SHAPLEY H.
1931PYerO...6....1B 213 9 Micrometric measures of star clusters. BARNARD E.E.
1950ZA.....27..182G 309 0 Untersuchungen an Farbenindizes. II. Das Farbenhelligkeitsdiagramm der nachsten Sterne. GUNTHER S.
1952ZA.....31..316B 65 T                   1 2 ~ Dreifarbenphotometrie des Sternhaufens M 67 (
NGC 2682).
1954AJ.....59..445P 65 T                   1 13 14 Spectral types of some of the brighter stars in the cluster
M 67.
1954MNRAS.114..583R 65 T                   1 4 9 Colour-magnitude arrays in the clusters Tombaugh 5, NGC 7789, NGC 1528 and
NGC 2682.
1955ApJ...121..616J 65 T                   1 62 177 The galactic cluster
M 67 and its significance for stellar evolution.
1957AJ.....62..100V 68 T                   1 1 18 The luminosity function of
M 67.
1957ApJ...126..326S 68 T                   1 3 55 Observational approach to evolution. III. Semi-empirical evolution tracks for
M 67 and M 3.
1958ApJ...128..174B 136 115 The color-magnitude diagram for the galactic cluster NGC 7789. BURBIDGE E.M. and SANDAGE A.
1958ZA.....46..176V 4 15 Old galactic clusters. VAN DEN BERGH S.
1959MiWie..10..129H 184 2 Der galaktische Sternhaufen NGC 663. HOPMANN J. and HAIDRICH K.
1960ATsir.210...25K 2 4 New variable with supershort period. KUROCHKIN N.E.
1960ATsir.212....9K 66 T                   1 12 9 Variable stars in the region of
M 67.
1961ApJ...133..430W 41 51 The color-magnitude diagram of 47 Tuc. WILDEY R.L.
1961ApJ...134..553V 7 17 The luminosity function of star formation. VAN DEN BERGH S.
1961MNRAS.122...17C 66 T                   1 1 1 Semi-empirical tracks for the cluster
M 67.
1961ATsir.220...16K 66 T                   1 11 1 Comparison stars and charts of the vicinities for the variables in
M 67.
1961LowOB...5..133J 133 145 Galactic clusters as indicators of stellar evolution and galactic structure. JOHNSON H.L., HOAG A.A., IRIARTE B., et al.
1961PASJ...13..442H 2 3 58 The outer envelope of giant stars with surface convection zone. HAYASHI C. and HOSHI R.
1962AJ.....67..471K 21 13 1965 The structure of star clusters. I. An empirical density law. KING I.
1962ApJ...135...11S 45 17 The color-magnitude diagram of NGC 2420. SARMA M.B.K. and WALKER M.F.
1962ApJ...135..333S 565 165 Photometric data for the old galactic cluster NGC 188. SANDAGE A.R.
1962ApJ...136...66A 1 5 56 Intermediate-age star clusters. ARP H.
1963ZA.....57..117B 156 162 Die raumliche Verteilung von 156 galaktischen Sternhaufen in Abhangikeit von ihrem Alter. BECKER W.
1964ApJ...140..130E 66 T                   1 203 269 New photoelectric observations of stars in the old galactic cluster
M 67.
1964IBVS...75....1E 66 T                   1 5 24 On the nature of variable stars in
M 67 and NGC 188.
1964RGOB...82..106K 44 8 A list of clusters that may be old. KING I.R.
1965ApJ...142..655K 43 77 The star cluster NGC 6791. KINMAN T.D.
1965IBVS...79....1K 66 T                   1 3 6 On the variable star SVS 1284 in
M 67.
1965RGOB...91..327M 66 T                   1 1 4 Investigation of proper motions in the field of the cluster
M 67.
1966AN....289...51D 40 36 Die photometrische Genauigkeit des Palomar Sky Survey bei Anwendung der Durchmessermethode. DORSCHNER J., GURTLER J., SCHIELICKE R., et al.
1967AJ.....72S.320S 7 15 Old super-metal-rich stars. SPINRAD H. and TAYLOR B.J.
1967ApJ...148..781P 67 T                   1 17 30 Radial velocities and spectral types of some bright blue stars in the open cluster
M 67.
1967BAN....19..275V 26 59 A discussion of the Ursa Minor dwarf galaxy based on plates obtained by Walter Baade. VAN AGT S.L.T.J.
1967MmRAS..70..111E 1 40 248 Contact binaries. II. EGGEN O.J.
1967POPad.138....1B 41 1 A comparison of theoretical and observed evolutionary paths in the red giant region of the HR diagram. BARBARO G., DALLAPORTA N. and NOBILI L.
1968AJ.....73..649V 13 21 Astrometric accuracy and the flatness of glass filters. VAN ALTENA W.F. and MONNIER R.C.
1968ApJ...152..885S 67 T                   1 12 33 The spectra and masses of the blue horizontal-branch stars in
M 67.
1968ArA.....5....1L 178 108 The ages of open clusters. LINDOFF U.
1968RGOB..139..307M 67 T                   1 27 ~ Investigation of proper motions in the field of the cluster
M 67 II. The outer region.
1968RGOB..141..339M 67 T                   1 1 0 Investigation of proper motions in the field of the cluster
M 67 III. The field stars and the motion of the cluster.
1969ApJ...155..973A 70 T                   1 4 89 On the interpretation of the color-magnitude diagrams of
M 67 and NGC 188.
1969ApJ...158..685S 2 5 75 Isochrones, ages, curves of evolutionary deviation, and the composite C-M diagram for old galactic clusters. SANDAGE A. and EGGEN O.J.
1969ApJ...158.1037D 5 6 On the color-magnitude diagrams of NGC 2360 and NGC 3680. DEMARQUE P. and MILLER R.H.
1970A&A.....9..209V 36 22 The old open cluster NGC 7142. VAN DEN BERGH S. and HEERINGA R.
1970AJ.....75..946C 41 61 Four-color and H-beta photometry of open clusters. V. NGC 752. CRAWFORD D.L. and BARNES J.V.
1970ApJ...162..891S 67 T                   1 23 50 On the supermetallicity of the main-sequence stars in
M 67 and NGC 188.
1970PDDO....4....1H 190 56 An atlas of open cluster colour-magnitude diagrams. HAGEN G.
1970RGOB..158...67C 5 1 Proper motions in the field of the open cluster NGC 6939. CANNON R.D. and PURCELL A.G.
1970VA.....12..367E 451 74 Stellar kinematics and evolution. EGGEN O.J.
1971A&AS....4..241B 215 324 A catalogue of galactic star clusters observed in three colours. BECKER W. and FENKART R.
1971AJ.....76.1017P 5 1 31 Dynamic evolution of rich galactic star clusters. I. PRATA S.W.
1971AJ.....76.1029P 1 2 20 Dynamic evolution of rich galactic star clusters. II. PRATA S.W.
1971ApJ...168..393R 67 T                   1 220 132 Photometry of
M 67 to Mv = +12.
1971PASP...83..638B 67 T                   1 8 30 The masses of the horizontal-branch stars in
M 67.
1971PASP...83..768S 67 T                   1 39 52 The blue stars above the turn-off in
M 67: horizontal-branch or blue stragglers.
1971Obs....91...78H 13 35 Main sequence gaps and giant branch clumps. HARWARDEN T.G.
1972AJ.....77...74U 229 38 Proper motions, membership, and stellar content of the old cluster NGC 188. UPGREN A.R., MESROBIAN W.S. and KERRIDGE S.J.
1972AJ.....77..849W 3 3 68 The luminosity function and density distribution of disk population stars. WEISTROP D.
1972ApJ...172..615M 39 28 The color excesses and metallicities of the open clusters NGC 2360 and 3680. McCLURE R.D.
1972ApJ...173..671J 1 2 23 Reduced-proper-motion diagrams. JONES E.M.
1972MNRAS.158...47T 18 26 NGC 2818, an open cluster containing a planetary nebula. TIFFT W.G., CONNOLLY L.P. and WEBB D.F.
1972PASP...84..489B 67 T                   1 7 14 The metal deficiency of two members of
M 67.
1972PASP...84..666S 67 T                   1 12 16 A direct photometric comparison of
M 67 and Hyades stars.
1972IBVS..649....1M 67 T                   1 3 8 UBV photometry of two eclipsing variables in the vicinity of
M 67.
1973AJ.....78..173K 68 T                   1 3 26 Galactic orbits and tidal radii of the clusters
M 67, NGC 188 and omega Centauri.
1973AJ.....78..386M 67 T                   1 14 16 On the metallicity of the main-sequence stars in
M 67.
1973ApJ...183..711S 1 72 460 The redshift-distance relation. V. Galaxy colors as functions of galactic latitude and redshift: observed colors compared with predicted distributions for various world models. SANDAGE A.
1973PASP...85..724S 67 T                   1 29 22 A new UBV comparison of
M 67 and Hyades stars.
1973BICDS...4...22M 148 3 First supplement to the list of transit tables for star numbering in open clusters. MERMILLIOD J.C.
1973IAUS...50..162M 12 43 The David Dunlap Observatory (DDO) photometric system for classification of late-type stars. McCLURE R.D.
1974ApJ...187..107B 67 T                   1 50 33 Spectroscopic comparison of open clusters. I. The reddening, blanketing, and metallicity of
M 67.
1974ApJ...189..409M 48 131 The old open cluster NGC 2420. McCLURE R.D., FORRESTER W.T. and GIBSON J.
1974ApJ...189..423J 67 T                   1 25 44 Intermediate-band photometry of
M 67.
1974ApJ...194..355M 12 40 Possible abundance difference among giant stars in NGC 188. McCLURE R.D.
1974MNRAS.167..413P 67 T                   1 16 19 CN stengths in
M 67 and NGC 188.
1975MNRAS.171..181G 74 T                   1 1 38 Curve-of-growth analysis of a red giant in
M 67.
1975ATsir.888....8S 2 0 New variable star of RR Lyr-type SVS 2146. SHUGAROV S.
1976AJ.....81..835T 68 T                   1 3 13 Distribution of evolved stars in
Messier 67.
1976ApJ...207..201T 1 7 67 The origin and evolution of RR Lyrae stars of high metal abundance. TAAM R.E., KRAFT R.P. and SUNTZEFF N.
1976ApJ...210..120B 14 45 Metal abundances of RR Lyrae variables in selected galactic star fields. I. Baade's window. BUTLER D., CARBON D. and KRAFT R.P.
1976ApJS...32..283H 55 52 Instrumental color-magnitude diagrams for 24 Large Magellanic Cloud star clusters. HESSER J.E., HARTWICK F.D.A. and UGARTE P.P.
1976MNRAS.174..225H 1 6 30 NGC 2204: an old open cluster in the halo. HAWARDEN T.G.
1976PASP...88..860H viz 68 T                   1 16 29 Faint blue objects in the field of
M 67.
1977A&AS...27...89S 68 T                   1 1851 182 Membership of the open cluster
M 67.
1977ApJ...214..111M 72 75 New photographic data for NGC 188. McCLURE R.D. and TWAROG B.A.
1977ApJ...215...62S 1 8 67 Faint photometry in M 15: the intrinsic width of the main sequence, the luminosity function, and the density gradient of faint field stars. SANDAGE A. and KATEM B.
1977PASP...89..706E 117 15 Intermediate-band photometry of late-type stars. III. The Geneva Observatory (GO) photometric system. EGGEN O.J.
1977IBVS.1293....1H 24 9 A photoelectric search for optical variability in blue stragglers. HRIVNAK B.J.
1978A&A....66..225P 1 18 94 Age determination of open clusters. PATENAUDE M.
1978ApJ...222..165C 70 T                   1 27 297 Infrared photometry, bolometric magnitudes, and effective temperatures for giants in M 3, M 13, M 92 and
M 67.
1978ApJ...223..707S 6 12 373 The color-absolute magnitude relation for E and S0 galaxies. II. New colors magnitudes and types for 405 galaxies. SANDAGE A. and VISVANATHAN N.
1978BASI....6...37S 6 4 The gap in the H-R diagram of open clusters with special reference to NGC 2169, NGC 1778 and Tr 1. SAGAR R. and JOSHI U.C.
1979A&A....80..287V 2 7 84 The angular momentum controlled evolution of solar type contact binaries. VAN'T VEER F.
1980A&A....88..360V 20 76 Galactic distribution of the oldest open clusters. VAN DEN BERGH S. and McCLURE R.D.
1980ApJ...241..981C 70 T                   1 13 156 Abundances in globular cluster red giants. III. M 71,
M 67, and NGC 2420.
1980BICDS..19...67P viz 61 14 Catalogue of masses and ages of stars in 68 open clusters. PISKUNOV A.
1980IAUS...85..195H 17 10 Open clusters and stellar evolution. HARRIS G.L.H.
1980IAUS...85..281D 22 68 Ages and abundances of globular clusters and the oldest open clusters. DEMARQUE P.
1980IAUS...85..385C 9 26 Chemical properties of individual globular clusters. COHEN J.G.
1981A&A....99..221F 68 T                   1 5 18 Chemical composition in
M 67 from detailed analyses.
1981AJ.....86.1500S 111 24 Four-color and Hbet photometry for four southern open clusters. STETSON P.B.
1981ApJ...243..827C 7 29 Membership of the old open cluster NGC 2506. CHIU L.-T.G. and VAN ALTENA W.F.
1981ApJ...247..503E 68 T                   1 9 28 Blue stragglers in
M 67.
1982A&A...109...17V 3 11 174 Detached to contact scenario for the origin of W UMa stars. VILHU O.
1982AJ.....87..369C 56 19 Linear radii of 51 red giants in galactic clusters. COLEMAN L.A.
1982AJ.....87.1679H viz 819 115 A kinematic and abundance survey at the galactic poles. HARTKOPF W.I. and YOSS K.M.
1982ApJ...252..574S 2 6 75 The Oosterhoff period groups and the age of globular clusters. IV. Field RR Lyrae stars: age of the galactic disck. SANDAGE A.
1982ApJ...257..640G 11 54 The chemical composition of the old open clusters Melotte 66 and NGC 2243. GRATTON R.G.
1982ApJS...49..425J 454 232 Open clusters and galactic structure. JANES K. and ADLER D.
1982PASP...94..708W 13 13 Observations of Cygnus X-3 in the I band. WEEKES T.C. and GEARY J.C.
1982JApA....3..277U 5 8 Chromospheric activity of late-type giants and supergiants: reappearance of dynamo activity in the interior due to the spin-up of the core in evolution. UUCHIDA Y. and BAPPU M.K.V.
1983A&A...119...75R 9 24 Four-colour photometry of some globular cluster giants in the Galaxy and the Magellanic Clouds. RICHTLER T. and NELLES B.
1983A&A...128..190C 27 10 The galactic globular cluster system: the metallicity ranking and the second parameter problem. CAPUTO F.
1983AJ.....88..813E 89 42 Calibrations of the reddening, luminosity, and abundance of old disk giants from photometry of stars in M 67, NGC 3680, NGC 2420, and the Wolf 630 and Arcturus groups. EGGEN O.J.
1983ApJ...264..206J 23 85 The ages and compositions of old clusters. JANES K. and DEMARQUE P.
1983ApJ...268..185C 18 51 Survey of H-alpha emission in globular cluster red giants. CACCIARI C. and FREEMAN K.C.
1983ApJ...272..627B 6 17 Some constraints n the color-magnitude diagram of giants in the galactic spheroid. BAHCALL J.N., SONEIRA R.M., MORTON D.C., et al.
1983ApJS...52..121G viz 188 524 Stellar spectrophotometric Atlas, 3130 <lambda <10800 A. GUNN J.E. and STRYKER L.L.
1983ApJS...53..713F 152 217 Infrared photometry, bolometric luminosities and effective temperatures for giant stars in 26 globular clusters. FROGEL J.A., PERSSON S.E. and COHEN J.G.
1983MNRAS.202...59B 63 144 Carbon stars in clusters in the galaxy and the Magellanic Clouds. BESSELL M.S., WOOD P.R. and LLOYD EVANS T.
1983PASP...95.1019S 1 3 More on possible outburst objects Hertzsprung and Popovic. SCHAEFER B.E.
1983PASP...95.1021S 71 T                   12 148 CCD photometry of
M 67 stars useful as BVRI standards.
1983ATsir1280....2F 69 T                   1 1 1 Proper motion of the open cluster
M 67.
1983ATsir1280....4F 69 T                   1 9 0 On variable stars in
1983BASI...11...44S 142 22 Integrated photometric parameters of open and globular clusters. SAGAR R., JOSHI U.C. and SINVHAL S.D.
1983GriO...47b...2B 2 ~ Those old straggler blues. BYRD D. and WHEELER J.C.
1983JRASC..77..310H 7 0 STARLAB: an international observatory in Earth orbit. HESSER J.E.
1983S&W....22..528S 10 0 Das Hyadenproblem. SEGGEWISS W.
1984A&A...132...11G 91 30 H-alpha emission in old giants. GRATTON R.G., PILACHOWSKI C.A. and SNEDEN C.
1984A&A...132..278M 1 6 52 The lithium isotope ratio in metal-deficient stars. MAURICE E., SPITE F. and SPITE M.
1984A&A...136..355B 37 63 Red giants in old open clusters. A test for stellar evolution. BARBARO G. and PIGATTO L.
1984A&AS...57..419F 69 T                   1 2 7 RGU-photometry of a starfield close to
M 67 and space density behaviour in the anticentre-northern galactic meridian.
1984AJ.....89..487J 69 T                   1 57 107 The giant branch of the old open cluster
M 67.
1984ApJ...276..254H 5 3 75 An analysis of the Vaughan-Preston survey of chromospheric emission. HARTMANN L., SODERBLOM D.R., NOYES R.W., et al.
1984ApJ...277L..65B 6 18 The time dependence of chromospheric decay for solar type stars. BARRY D.C., HEGE K. and CROMWELL R.H.
1984ApJ...278..215S 19 26 A search for radial velocity variations in the blue stragglers of NGC 7789. STRYKER L.L. and HRIVNAK B.J.
1984ApJ...279..237P 69 T                   1 30 60 The blue stragglers of
M 67.
1984ApJ...287L..85G 39 36 Magnesium, silicon and iron abundances and the cluster metallicity scale. GEISLER D.
1984MNRAS.211..391C 1 4 36 Close binary stars and old stellar populations : the blue straggler problem revisited. COLLIER A.C. and JENKINS C.R.
1984MNRAS.211..637M viz 18 9 CCD camera observations of nearby rich clusters. II. Techniques and results for A 85. MURPHY H.P.
1984PASP...96Q.785B 69 T                   1 1 0 Carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen abundances in
M 67 giants.
1984PASP...96R.797V 5 0 Stellar evolutionary sequences and isochrones for intermediate star clusters. VANDENBERG D.A.
1984AISAO..18...64P 1027 15 Catalogue of eclipsing and spectroscopic binary stars in the region of open clusters. POPOVA M. and KRAICHEVA Z.
1984BICDS..26....9M viz 863 3 Bibliography of individual radial velocities for stars in open cluster. II. NGC and IC clusters. MERMILLIOD J.C.
1984BAAS...16Z.494M 69 T                   1 2 ~ The internal motions of
M 67 and M 11.
1984BAAS...16..968B 69 T                   1 3 1 The metallicities of M5,
M67, and M71 as determined from K giant spectra.
1984IzPul.202..105F 69 T                   1 1 0 A kinematic and photometric study of the old cluster
M 67.
1984S&W....23..422B 11 0 Das Alter der Kugelsternhaufen. BORNER G.
1984IAUS..105...95N 69 T                   1 2 2 Stromgren photometry of F-type stars in
M 67 and NGC 3680.
1985A&A...142..143D 1 9 69 Stellar evolution with the Roxburgh criterion for convection. DOOM C.
1985A&A...147...39C 36 65 Metallicities and distances of galactic clusters as determined from UBV-data. II. The metallicities and distances of 38 open clusters. CAMERON L.M.
1985A&A...147...47C 31 61 Metallicities and distances of galactic clusters as determined from UBV-data. III. Ages and abundance gradients of open clusters. CAMERON L.M.
1985AJ.....90..479T 69 T                   1 98 42 Cousins VRI photometry of the Hyades, Coma, and
M 67.
1985AJ.....90..803R 35 22 Strong-lined G dwarfs in the galactic disk. ROSE J.A.
1985ApJ...293..251S 6 7 Possible consequences of gas accretions for the initial mass function of star clusters. SMITH G.H.
1985ApJ...294..207B 6 25 The old galactic cluster NGC 188 and the origin of the W Ursae Majoris-type contact binaries. BALIUNAS S.L. and GUINAN E.F.
1985ApJ...297..233B 69 T                   1 4 17 Carbon, nitrogen and oxygen abundances in
M 67 giants.
1985ApJ...299..616B 1 7 46 An analysis of the Basel star catalog. BAHCALL J.N., RATNATUNGA K.U., BUSER R., et al.
1985ApJS...58..711V 19 6 585 Evolution of 0.7-3.0 solar masses stars having -1.0 Fe/H between 1.0 and 0.0. VANDENBERG D.A.
1985PASP...97...89B 2 4 43 Observational constraints on the ages and abundances of old stellar populations. BURSTEIN D.
1985PASP...97..165K 392 178 Photometry of stars in the uvgr system. KENT S.M.
1985PASP...97..205W 7 23 The stellar population of the galactic nuclear bulge. WHITFORD A.E.
1985PASP...97..824S 69 T                   16 15 CCD observations of
M 67 stars useful as photometric standards.
1985AcASn..26..152Z 39 5 On determining membership of open clusters from relative proper motions. ZHAO J.-L. and TIAN K.-P.
1985AZh....62..704D 2 2 On the dynamics of disintegration of non-stationary open stellar clusters. DANILOV V.M.
1985AN....306...45S 178 11 Investigation of the initial mass spectrum of open star clusters. STECKLUM B.
1985Ap&SS.112..111S 49 11 Integrated magnitudes and colors of open clusters. SPASSOVA N.M. and BAEV P.V.
1985Ap&SS.113..171S 10 7 The effect of main-sequence stars on age estimates of open clusters. SAGAR R.
1985BAAS...17..593T 69 T                   1 1 0 uvby photometry of the main sequence of
M 67.
1985BAAS...17..602M 69 T                   1 1 2 The spatial distribution of spectroscopic binaries and blue stragglers in the open cluster
M 67.
1985BAAS...17..840B 69 T                   1 1 ~ Carbon and nitrogen abundances along the evolutionary sequence of
M 67.
1985IzKry..73..122M 3 0 Faint second photometric standards in the colour system R in the cluster NGC 188. MEDVEDEV V.G., PAVLENKO E.P. and PROKOF'EVA V.V.
1985SSRv...40...91V 3 0 X-ray and optical variability at the hour timescale for 1E 0630+178 (Geminga) and its proposed optical couterpart. VIGROUX L., PAUL J.A., DELACHE P., et al.
1985IAUS..111..361J 70 T                   1 1 7 The open cluster
M 67 as a fundamental standard of reference for stellar properties.
1985IAUS..113..427M 1 7 57 The structure and internal kinematics of open clusters. MATHIEU R.D.
1985IAUS..113..579V 74 8 Proper motion studies of stars in and around open clusters. VAN LEEUWEN F.
1986A&A...167...97N 6 11 Absolute magnitudes and luminosity-related physical parameters of the'solar analog' - candidates 16 Cyg A and B. NECKEL H.
1986AJ.....91.1091S 8 28 The abundances and velocities of the Leo dwarf spheroidals. SUNTZEFF N.B., AARONSON M., OLSZEWSKI E.W., et al.
1986AJ.....91.1130B 72 T                   1 4 59 Old stellar populations. III. The metallicities of M 5, M 71, and
M 67.
1986AJ.....92...79C 91 82 Washington photometry of open cluster giants: the metal-rich clusters. CANTERNA R., GEISLER D., HARRIS H.C., et al.
1986AJ.....92.1100M 69 T                   1 209 129 Precise radial velocities of late-type stars in the open clusters M 11 and
M 67.
1986AJ.....92.1364M 69 T                   1 34 106 The spatial distribution of spectroscopic binaries and blue stragglers in the open cluster
M 67.
1986ApJ...307..750C 1 6 27 Strong cyanogen stars - The result of binary coalescence? CAMPBELL B.
1986ApJ...309..755B 5 4 91 Small-scale structure of the circumstellar gas of HL Tauri and R Monocerotis. BECKWITH S., SARGENT A.I., SCOVILLE N.Z., et al.
1986ApJ...311L..37H 73 T                   1 3 53 Lithium in
M 67.
1986PASP...98..231S 51 9 A comparison between Washington and DDO photometry of field red giants. SMITH G.H.
1986AbaOB..61..199A 69 T                   1 2 0 Estimation of
M 67 and NGC 2420 clusters ages based on their luminosity function.
1986ATsir1432....4F 69 T                   1 1 1 Photometry and proper motions of stars in the open cluster M 67 (
NGC 2682).
1986ATsir1432....5F viz 69 T                   1 1 0 UBV photometry of faint stars (V>14.5) in the open cluster M 67 (
NGC 2682).
1986BICDS..31..131H 134 1 Photometric data for the bright stars. HAUCK B. and MERMILLIOD M.
1986BICDS..31..175M 308 18 Catalogue of UBV photometry and MK spectral types in open clusters (Third edition). MERMILLIOD J.C.
1986MmSAI..57..303J 2 0 Ages of the open clusters. JANES K.A.
1986MmSAI..57..453I 1 3 12 On the binary star origin of blue stragglers. IBEN I.Jr
1986NIA86......217J 4 ~ Chromospheric emission in open cluster red giants. JANES K.A. and SMITH G.H.
1986NIA86......415M 33 ~ Blue straggler stars in the ultraviolet. MORALES DURAN C. and GRAZIATI L.S.
1987A&A...171L...8S 80 T                   1 1 41 Measurement of lithium abundance in dwarf stars of
M 67.
1987AJ.....93..323Y 4 5 82 Galactic structure towards the North Galactic Pole based on an analysis of UBV star-count data. YOSHII Y., ISHIDA K. and STOBIE R.S.
1987AJ.....93..359S 18 43 Velocities and abundances of giant stars in the old open cluster NGC 2420. SMITH V.V. and SUNTZEFF N.B.
1987AJ.....93..634N 70 T                   1 80 153 uvbyH-bet photometry of main sequence stars in
M 67.
1987AJ.....93..647A 70 T                   1 53 31 CCD uvby photometry in
M 67.
1987AJ.....93.1388F 238 63 A spectroscopic survey of high-latitude fields and comparison to galaxy models. FRIEL E.D.
1987ApJ...315..264B 62 49 Chromospheric activity and ages of solar-type stars. BARRY D.C., CROMWELL R.H. and HEGE E.K.
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