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Query from coordinates

Query by coordinates can be performed individually or by submitting a list of coordinates.

coordinate syntax

Coordinates can be written in several formats:

Sexagesimal format  20 54 05.689 +37 01 17.38 
Sexagesimal with colons as field separator  10:12:45.3-45:17:50 
Sexagesimal with unit specification  15h17m-11d10m 
Decimal format (R.A. in hours)       12.34567h-17.87654d 
Decimal format (R.A. in degrees)     350.123456d-17.33333d 
(witch is also the default)          350.123456 -17.33333 

individual queries

They are defined in the first section of the form.

The input frame can be specified either explicitely, or selected in a list of frequently used frame definitions.

The radius can be expressed in arcseconds, arcminutes or degrees. It is limited to 20 degrees.

list of coordinates

The second section of the form allows to send a file containing a list of coordinates.

The file must contain only regular ascii characters, and have one coordinate (right ascension and declination) per line.

The input frame must be common for all coordinates in the file and the one defined in the first section on the form will be used.

By defaut, the radius defined on the form will be taken for all coordinates.
This can be overridden by specifying a radius after a coordinate on the same line, separated from the coordinates by an equal (=) sign.
These radius can be expressed in arcmin only.
Coordinates without an explicit definition will be queried using the default radius.

The file can contain comments on their own lines starting with asharp (#) character.

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