1  The basic search facility

The basic query search is a very quick and simple way to query SIMBAD by one of the following ways:

This basic query search returns a pre-defined amount of data, including basic data, identifiers, links to aladin, the references of the five last years, one measurement per existing measurement type, and the external links. The output option page is not used.

2  Adding it in the browser's search engine tool bar

The link 'Install the Simbad basic search in your tool bar' allows you to add this quick search facility in your browser's search engines tool bar.

This works currently for Firefox (from 1.x) or Internet Explorer 7.0 and above.

Safari users should first install the add-on AcidSearch, then come back to the Basic Search page, click on the magnifying glass icon in the search bar, select "AcidSearch Preferences," and click on "New Channel." AcidSearch attempts to automatically create the channel based on the current web page. Double-click on the channel's name in the list to rename it, and press return to save your changes.

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