Note about LHα 120-N103

There is some confusion in the literature about LHα120-N103A, LHα120-N103B and the supernova remnant SNR B0509-68.7. In the table 2 of his paper (1956ApJS....2..315H) Henize names A the larger western nebula (RA=05:08.9(1950), size=208x332'') and B the smaller eastern one (RA=05:09.6(1950), size=97x82''), while in his Fig.6 A is the smaller western one; the designations written on Fig.6 were quite generally adopted in the literature, and the table 2 is therefore not consistent.

The supernova remnant SNR B0509-68.7 discovered by Mathewson and Clarke (1973ApJ...180..725M) was identified in their table 1 with N103B; however, the SNR, indicated by its radio and X-ray flux, is distinct from N103B, as it appears clearly on this image created with Aladin from a radio image from SUMSS (Mauch et al., Cat. VIII/81, red channel), a short-red image from DSS-II (green channel), and an X-ray image from XMM (blue channel, observation 0113000301); (North up, East to the left; A and B names follow Henize's fig.6)

(François Ochsenbein, 2009-08-21, thanks to John Dickel)
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